World's Largest Horn Shatters Glass

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 28 नोव्हेंबर, 2018
I might upgrade my car horn to this. Shoutout to Portal from Facebook for their support on this video. Learn more and get yours at: portal 2OG9U7j
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ELI20 version: I answered why you want a large outlet area but not necessarily why it curves like that. Anytime you have a sudden change in cross-sectional area in the horn you will get waves reflecting back at the source. You don't want that because that is wasted energy that could have moved forward. Even if it goes from a small cross-section to a larger, if you do it suddenly you get those wasted waves. So you want the horn to basically be asymptotic at the exit so you never have a jump in discontinuity when it exits to the wide open air. So a directors cone isn't as good as the curved shapes I showed because it still has the sudden change when it dumps into the open air.

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Summary: I made a huge horn and broke glass with it and explored why horns are shaped the way they are.

They are soft-

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  • Deaf people watching this

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  • Great job buddy but that is not the worlds largest horn. Tom Danley built the worlds largest horn as far as I know. If it wasn’t him it was JBL before you were born. But I still love what you did and your enthusiasm. Also look up Steve Hutt who used to work for JBL car audio

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  • This is a great physics lesson, after Physics comes History In 1964 John Hilliard, who worked for the parent companies of Altec Lansing published a paper on a horn being used to test metal fatigue on spacecraft and supersonic aircraft. It was 12 feet to a side and the peak output was 180db. It used compressed air and had a frequency range of 25 Hz to 1,000 Hz.

  • 1:46 excuse me sir is that a traffic cone

  • Mark the horn thing has an open end so it spreads the sound and makes the sound as loud as possible as sound will travel everywhere Im only 11 correct me if im wrong

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  • is the power output actually preserved by adding the horn? even though it's only a passive component, the air in the horn should be "harder" to vibrate, which would necessitate the sound source producing more power. if there's any analogy to electrical circuits, a higher impedance with the same voltage will obviously result in a larger power output...