When I tried UNLOCKING a strangers CAR | Garba Visarjan | Ss Vlogs :-)

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 25 ऑक्टोबर, 2020
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  • Candy wass looking like a show piece in the garden

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  • I hate bhindi

  • The moment Candy repeatedly barks n Sambhavna dances is beautiful......it's like My Mamma can dance 😃!!. All ur kurtis looked beautiful throughout Navratri . Loads of love n best wishes to u both n kids 🤗😘

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  • Hi sambhavna mam and avinash sir, i am a big fan of yall and the cutest coco, cherry and candy. We watch your vlogs regularly for a veryyy long time !! Your vlogsss were reallyy entertaining us especially in the lockdown. We never felt lonely as your vlogs were so fun ! I was thinking in this lockdown i have two fun games you can try and hopefully it'll add up some fun for yall! 1) the first challenge is a one day no coffee and tea challenge for avinash and sambhavna where you arent allowed to drink coffee or tea the whole day, and if one of yall makes it. You have to gift each other with anything your partner asks. 2) its a game you can check in MRslow. Where you play with your dog and cat using a laser . Try checking out funny cat laser videos. It will be fun if you try it out with coco cherry and candy and see if it drags their attention . I really hope you try these games sometime soonn !! Have funn !

  • Dhokebaaz Maa Tu Kyon pahle Kandi ko hi Bhagwan ka Ashirwad Deti Hai Pagal aurat Coco aur Chehre ko kyon Nahin Deti pahle FIR Candy ko Dena Na

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