Unboxing EVERY ONEPLUS Smartphone EVER!

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 29 सप्टेंबर, 2020
Unboxing Every OnePlus Smartphone to date with a closer look at OxygenOS over the years and an exclusive OnePlus 8T announcement.
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0:00 Intro
1:07 OnePlus One
3:54 OnePlus 2
6:22 OnePlus X
7:25 OnePlus 3
8:48 OnePlus 3T
9:30 OnePlus 4
9:50 OnePlus 5
11:13 OnePlus 5T
12:27 OnePlus 6
13:47 OnePlus 6T
14:56 OnePlus 7
16:04 OnePlus 7 Pro
18:18 OnePlus 7T Pro
19:50 OnePlus 7T
21:09 OnePlus 8/OnePlus 8 Pro
24:10 OnePlus Nord
25:45 OnePlus 8T
28:35 Conclusion
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►OxygenOS Research Reference: The evolution of OnePlus software: From Cyanogen to Oxygen, and beyond - www.androidauthority.com/oneplus-oxygen-os-history-1160617/amp/
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  • This took a long time to put together, really hope you enjoyed it! Which is your all-time favourite OnePlus Smartphone?

    • OnePlus Nord

    • After unboxing can I have the OnePlus 8? :)

    • After unboxing can I have the OnePlus 8? :)

    • 7t

    • Oneplus 7 pro

  • Iloveone+8

  • Watching on beast OnePlus 7t pro

  • The 1+ 8pro

  • Imagine if the camera was off lmao

  • Watching this on my OP6T limited edition THUNDER PURPLE #Proud

  • I love OnePlus

  • Oneplus 7 🔥

  • Watching this video in my brand new OnePlus Nord 😁

  • Hey you 1+ pro! Im planning to buy me a 1+ nord for X-mas gift. Would it be worth

  • Not the bollywood music channel

  • Still own ONEPLUS X😁

  • *0.1% people who are helping me reach 1k may your parents live more then 100 years with good health God Bless Them* 💝

  • There is heaven 😍

  • My one plus 7t is my all time favourite 😎

  • Oneplus nord

  • Can you send one (one+ phone) for me please

  • Watching on 8t

  • 3:10 I'm usually not a huge fan of capitalism and marketing, but I really stepped up that hype train on the OnePlus One. I was so excited about becoming an invite, buying that bamboo cover and just using it because it was so fast. Unfortunately it broke 3 days ago and I'm now going for the OnePlus 8T. So basically I used it for 6 years.

  • i wont plzzz sir.... 😵😍😭

  • I have iPhone 11 right now but i used oneplus 3t till the last year .it was hell of a beast phone ya ios is good but oneplus have its own charm ❤️

  • Watching on 8 pro 👍🏿

  • now do this with every samsung phone

  • 👌👌👌

  • I luv my OnePlus 8 phone . It's very smooth, this is my first ever smart phone by OnePlus.

  • I still have my one plus 3t😍😍😍

  • Completely loving my 8 Pro ❤️

  • Watching from oneplus 6 and still a great phone.

  • None of the one plus before 6 had ois

  • You mixed up the 3 and 3t but otherwise the whole presentation was a good experience. I personally had the one plus 3 and the oneplus 6t

  • For me it is the Oneplus 7 pro

  • Evolution 6 years from original Oneplus to Oneplus Nord 😎😎😎 Edit: but now the latest is Oneplus 8T 😌😌

  • i all so like oneplus 7 pro

  • Oneplus is now more expensive than a used car.

  • Loved the oneplus brand. It's one of those brands that people still dont know about. Or ever heard of. They are for the people built by the people. By that mean the people making them are probably complete tech nerds themselves. Where samsung dont really give two shits what their customers want and are probably the average Joe that doenst really appreciate tech the way we nerds do.

  • This guy is awesome!!!!!!

  • Had 2, 5T , and now choosing between 8 and 8 pro :D

  • 7t pro mclaren

  • The best and also my favourite which OnePlus has ever made in my opinion is the ONEPLUS 7T. This is far the most complete smartphone from OnePlus in the years.

  • Refreshing

  • Oneplus 7t. Thanks for the oreo camera which makes my phone unique from all other oneplus devices

  • *review special versions such as: 6-7t pro mclaren and marvel edition*

  • Oneplus X had an AMOLED display before oneplus 3

  • Can you give me an iMEI code and PCBA

  • Watching this on my Oneplus 5

  • Watching it in my One plus 5 , it's been more than 3 years and it still runs smoothly.

  • 😁👍Super impressive video; I do appreciate the explanation of why there is no OnePlus 4. ...I use the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G. And if I may correct you. You actually may have ✌️ more devices to cover, if you can get your hands on both. Then again, one maybe all you need. But for the record, there will be not only OnePlus 8T, there will also be a OnePlus 8T+...and from what I gather, it will be the first time for OnePlus to have a "+" model instead of a "Pro" variant. Please Note: OnePlus 8T+ will be a T-Mobile exclusive (to the best of my knowledge).

  • still have my oneplus 3t

  • i Am 1GB Ram Lagging Mobile Useing Your Can't Giveaway For Me Bro 😭

  • when the box gets longer the price get steeper but content get lesser and the expectation gets worsen

  • Oneplus nord of course because i can afford it

  • My gold oneplus 3t was my favorite oneplus so far and if it didnt bend and had the screen pop out, I'd probably still be using it. That phone was a champ. Upgrading to an 8 pro, can't wait to receive it.

  • Giveaway one phone for me

  • Oneplus 3t.. Still using it..

  • Still using my One Plus 3t to this day. Will upgrade later this year.

  • still rocking my 7 pro! best oneplus phone , still beautiful to look at even after a year! gosh

  • Proud to be using Oneplus 7Pro

  • 6:53 One plus X had an AMOLED display

  • im new to oneplus devices but there great better than apple and galaxy

  • Nord ❤️

  • I can't afford even one of them

  • 5:14 I thought he was going to say it was the first phone to come with oxygen

  • This is not all buddy, you forgot the McLaren editions 😂

  • You missed the mclaren and avangers edition...

    • And concept one

    • @swiftk1ng' LoL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • And joe mama edition

    • And Star Wars edition

  • One plus 5t

  • Just bought Nord ,lovin it

  • Watching on OnePlus Nord 😛😛😛😛😍

  • oneplus 5t still quite good

  • So I've owned Oneplus 2 and Oneplus 6T (which I'm still using today) I got my friend into Oneplus and he owns 3T and 7T and I got my mum a 5T. Big Oneplus fan over here 😂

  • Wht bout mclaren edition


  • Watching this with my oneplus 6t :)

  • In 2020 i use oneplus6 and i totally satisfied with this phone..😊

  • Watching this on a OnePlus 6

  • Not all heroes wear capes

  • AMOLED much better colors LOL. I like the screen of my 3T (AMOLED) overall, but the whites have a atrocious yellowish tint to them. I noticed when I had it side by side a Moto G5 Plus (LCD). It has a 3400mAh battery, not 4300 BTW. Punch holes sucks ass, I can't understand why reviewers don't complain about them...

  • Where can I get new 3t ? I need it for my online class please help me

  • Who is watching this video on OnePlus mobile 😂

  • Can you give me a bongra boogie code please

  • First time to know that your name is Safwan from Faisal seif channel 😄 your intro is fast Unfortunately I couldn't order the glasses 😢😢😢

  • 6:45 "Metal frame and glass back" you say? It was actually a ceramic back and not glass at all.

  • Giveaway one sir

  • Extra super top video 👍🏻

  • Give me 1

  • Letv Leco1s was first Device to introduce Type C usb

  • Still have my OP5 will most likely replace it with the 8T

  • I still own OP2 with some physical damages 🤭. But I'm watching this video on OP5 due to 1080p capability. LoL!!!

  • For me the 1, 3t and 7pro i love that phones. I had too the 2 , but it was not memorable

  • Oneplus 7t was really a milestone. All the necessary flagship features for a very comprehensive pricing. Still worth buying considering its value for money when compared to Oneplus 8

  • Love my oneplus 8 :D

  • Bhai dum hai toh every samsung phone ki unboxing karke ke bata 😎

  • mclaren??

  • Watching on oneplus 3

  • The OnePlus X actaully looks like the new iPhone SE (2020).

  • 9381095894

  • OnePlus X had an Amoled Display. I owned it

  • Oneplus X had an amoled panel not an LCD should surf the web before giving the info.

  • Enjoying this vid on my still smoothly running OnePlus 5 ❤️

  • OnePlus X had an amoled display

  • Why is he wearing sunglasses