The Silent Child - Oscar® Winning Short Film

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 20 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
Please turn on captions, as they are essential for the sign-language used throughout this film.
A deaf 6-year-old girl named Libby lives in a world of silence until a caring social worker gives her the gift of communication.
Ddeaflinks Staffordshire have been providing a vital service for the deaf and hard of hearing community in Staffordshire since 1868. Thank you for donating:
"Gorgeously shot and perfectly performed, the movie delivers an emotional wallop that many features six times its length never achieve” - The New York Times
"Effortlessly heart-tugging" - Los Angeles Times
"A rich script from first-time screenwriter Rachel Shenton” - IndieWire
"It’s beautiful and it’s a real little movie. I loved it” - The Hollywood Reporter
Written by: Rachel Shenton
Directed by: Chris Overton
Produced by: Rachel Shenton, Chris Overton, Rebecca Harris, Julie Foy
Associate Producer: Ali Farahani
Production Company: Slick Films
Starring: Maisie Sly, Rachel Shenton, Rachel Fielding, Philip York
Cinematography: Ali Farahani
Music by: Amir Konjani
Edited by: Emily Walder
Sound Design: Greg Claridge
Executive Producers: Danny Ormerod, Vanessa Johnstone, Terry Murphy, Mo Chaudry, Ian Lowe
Distributed exclusively by Network Ireland Television (NITV) worldwide. Visit our website


  • No one: The Mother: B L O O D Y I mean i also have a British friend and he kinda uses it a lot too


  • This film left me wanting more. A truly sad, intelligent, beautifully told and brilliant piece.

  • I had a girl in my highschool who had some sort of disability her mouth hung open and her eyes drooped low, but damn if she wasnt the smartest girl when you get to talking (she cant talk very well either very slow and she has to breathe heavy between each few words) I have her on facebook and the stuff she shares, shes literally just the same as everyone else, has good strong beliefs and morals, and ontop of it was so educated, shes graduating college this year... I wish I could be half the woman she is, mental health and ASD has always had a hold on me. I know we can all do better given the right environment, help and education

  • Fuck cursive, fuck learning french or Spanish in the U.S teach sign language 😂

  • They are not deaf. They are different. we don't try to understand them.

  • The film is 20 mins long but it felt like 5 mins, that's how good it is!

  • So very sad. Parents who don’t have time for their children shouldn’t have them🥵

  • why her mother didntt appreciates the sign therapy

  • The happiness in their expressions when Libby started to understand was priceless.

  • Very sad

  • This is such an awesome movie ❤️

  • Very silently and only by the use of sign language they said so many things. Today i realized its very important to have sign language learning in all the schools. It is pertinent to make everyone equal.

  • No matter who has unique character but everyone need a listener..

  • I was hoping for a happy ending

  • What அ lovely மோவி

  • And I think they should taught sign language at primary school for everyone.

  • This is amazing. The composition is perfect, the camera movement and layout is master level. Excellent job!

  • No

  • This shortfilm got what it deserved 👀

  • love it

  • It is so amazing film. I love two girls in the film.

  • The relation between teacher and student is beyond words...

  • I can't believe the percentage of children who can't hear not receiving something as simple as a specialist support is so high (I thought every child unable to hear received this support). I have a friend who sometimes teaches me sign language as extra knowledge(I've made very little progress). Also, I hate this stigma that someone with a disability is not normal and that they can't receive a high-salary paid job.

  • heartbreaking when the teacher visited the little girl at the school - children and animals learn much better when it is done with love and patience...

  • it is kinda of weird how old people say chill

  • This is so sad!!! it made me cry. Is this real? I mean, are there families like that?

  • C you

  • Her mother was so self centered,everyone to busy to stop and take the time to treat her as a little child the only one in the family that noticed anything was her brother bless her heart

  • Should any disabled child be lonely and unhappy just because mom and dad are blinded by the idea of normality ?

  • When you sign "drawing" in the UK, does it still sound like there is an extra unnecessary R in there?

  • 👌👌👌🌹👍👍👍

  • Heart breaking that this is still an issue in this day and age. Every child should have support in the school system and at home. the stigma must be broken :(

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  • Hermosa película acá en Chile les enseñan en algunos colegios o escuelas .Se llama inclusión. Aprender otra forma de comunicarte u otro idioma.

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • What a loving tutour .nd how blessed we r.Oscar nd more of Oscars are recommended.LOVE U ALL.

  • That just broke my heart.

  • I liked this movie becouse I also learned a bit of sign language I also think that this mother is selfish and I hate her. I dislike the fact that no one but NO ONE of the parents/siblings stopped their mom from doing this

  • Даже в богатых семьях рождаются глухие дети. Явно Мерс был спонсором этого короткого фильма.

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  • Silent killer movie. So touching 😞

  • I am not deaf, although I was raised in similar circumstances regarding parental behavior and reactions to my differences and inability to communicate. I was set aside at home and unable to follow in school, eventually believing the opinion of others that I was simply 'retarded' or a difficult 'problem' child, beyond the ability to become normal. My potential was hindered, but eventually I rose to succeed where I wished. This short film is heartbreaking. It was painful to watch, and the message was clear. Very well done. I can only hope that this video reaches those who would benefit their children from acknowledging and fixing their own faults.

  • The jealousy of the mother...

  • Sadness overwhelms ... how many lives are limited from their infinite potential because of persons with the ability to enable goodness to flourish do not desire the absolute best for others as well !!

  • Heartbreaking

  • A very touching movie... Thank You fror allowing me to see it.

  • Thanks for sharing lovely inspiring story. It’s make feel courage me to learn body language skills. This movie it’s great to show that body language is great skills to have to help other in needs help. I love this short movie.👍💓⭐️🌟💯

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  • Wow, that was great. I could have watched that for another hour. So sad. Brought tears to my eyes.

  • When I worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist I encouraged ALL forms of Communication; speech, Sign Language, gestures pictures in any combination. Communication, as this film shows, is essential.

  • Oh My heart!😢

  • Wow...that is SO impactful. Stunning work. Can relate from personal experience working at a preschool where proper support for children who need a specialist's skills is completely dismissed and overlooked. Thank you for sending this message loud and clear.

  • - I have no idea who you all are but please do not ever stop exercising your craft. Please

  • My heart broken, and my tear fall from my eyes after I see how deaf people suffering in the life.

  • thank you

  • Master piece of acting

  • 🥺💔🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺I love your films I watch u in 2017 omelette now come again

  • That I love you got me in tears

  • Any combined of 26words can not express my feelings for this movie !! A very good work !! Excellent!! A lot of love !!

  • Actually, signlanguage often has a somber look and feel to hearing people. Especially when spoken by deaf people, because they make great use of facial impressions and that looks a bit weird to hearing people. Before I learned signlanguage, I thought most deaf people are also mentally disabled because it looked verry foreign to me. I can hear, so I never came in touch with sing language. But then I met several verry interesting young ladies that were deaf, so I began to learn signlanguage. May be, I should be a little bit ashamed due to this reason, but I ain’t. And I can confirm, that the basics are easy to learn. Especially today with the help of electronic media and projects like #spreadthesign

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  • This is beautiful ^_^ ASL is my 3rd language and it's things like this that make me love it so much :) Incredible delivered story!!

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  • Wish it was a full movie. 😔😔😔

  • Hi Everyone! I am a nobody but I think there's a small flaw with this 99.99% perfect story! If Suzanne had indeed cheated on Paul (and Libby was her child) then she would never have a say in the matter at all! Because she'd be totally on Paul's mercy! She'd be much more submissive than what's shown here! I think. Any feedback from great minds are more than welcome!!!

  • i wish its a one and a half hour film...

  • Seems like her mother wanted her to listen to others but not speak herself.

  • Lesson on understanding what a child needs...the things we tend to take for granted...compassion of someone who took timeout to hear someone a small insignificant little child living in a household.... who was yearning to be heard.Beautifully written..Bravo!

  • Sign Language should be taught in schools and used every day as standard, regardless whether they have a deaf student or not. Alienating children has horific consequences and it's even worse if that continues into adulthood. Teaching one child at a time, is not enough to help deaf people feel or be included.

  • Were the statistics for the UK or the US? I know in NY, there are very good programs for the hearing impaired throughout the state.

  • This is a sad reality😢

  • Salute 🖖

  • I like to talk to those who're silent rather than talking to those who're always talking. so, I think I've to learn this language. 'cause I know that the more they were silent, the more they collected ideas to say.

  • Me imagine to be deaf for 24 hours. After few minute: oh! my god This is disgusting. How she lives without hearing all time


  • hello! The film is great! I wanted to show it to my mom,but she doesn't speak Russian. It's a pity there are no Russian subtitles. Do you plan to do it? If not, I will be happy to help.

  • i actually watched this in school it was amazing as i am also profound deaf since birth

  • My paternal grandmother became deaf in 1918 during the influenze pandemic. She had 3 young children at the time. Because she was literate, and could read and write, she was able to learn the alphabet in sign language, and would talk to us that way. I still know that alphabet.

  • Helen Keller story lol

  • Can't say much but... wow. The whole movie captivates me

  • Thank god for all the Joanne's in this world

  • That gave that little girl free don’t to be herself for a while which possibly will help her reach for those memories when she needs comfort

  • I wanted to cry over the attitude of the mother who didn't want to help her child learn sign language. She didn't want to learn to communicate with her daughter this way as if it was too much trouble for her? It would be to the entire family to help bridge the communication of understanding each other. Insensitive parents are at fault for this problem.

  • On a lighter note, that teacher/ sitter is as beautiful as a lady can get.

  • "_Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that._" Martin Luther King Jr. It's not hate here, more like indifference and exclusion - both very powerfully destructive on a little soul, especially in the context of a home. Bullied all through school, I could certainly feel the isolation and despair of this little girl. A beautiful little film with a very big message that goes well beyond its own scope. Thank you from Australia - Dave

  • que alguien me diga porfavor que dice esto. Tengo un oral de ingles y no entiendo ni madres

  • Would they ever make a sequel to this film? I would love to see the little get justice.

  • The last scene is Heartbreaking

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