The Reason Why AWM is King of Game | TACAZ PUBG MOBILE

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 30 जानेवारी, 2020
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  • *Love awm like this video!* 😁

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  • Last kill is mind blowing

  • Murderer of 36 innocent people...

  • Bro collect all awm ammos bro we don't like it when u leave them

  • There where two flare guns but u have taken on one so sad about that

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  • Dynamo is beteer using sniper

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  • Bro why your are killing your fans😥

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  • You are so bad at this game I use to play

  • 12:04 tacaz kill his fan☹️☹️☹️

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  • Wipe full squad in 30 second of landing amazing 💪💪💪

  • 1:31 that was flare

  • Thumbnail was wrong Correct one is why grenade is king of game

  • Pls give me UC Tacaz pls

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  • The last scene lol 😂

  • two flare gun

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  • Paisy bhi flare gun thi

  • Iam here just to tell you that after wiping the first squad,on the container you missed a flare gun,it was there you jumped over it..

  • I love AWM

  • Ending was just ❤️

  • heyy why dont u teamup when opponents are asking?

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  • You forgot 1 flare gun on gorgepool container... Watch 1:30

  • there are team up fans of you why are you killing them

  • How do he know where everybody at

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  • His aiming is like auto-aim.

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  • he knew the enemy's movements, even those inside the building, he also knew the number of enemies in the building.

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    • He hear footstep no 1 in VietNam , that fact . So he has IQ 200 too. He is no 1 in my country 🤣🤣

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