Ravi Shankar Prasad speaks on NDA's Bihar win, LJP, Govt's COVID action | Frankly Speaking

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 14 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
On this episode of Frankly Speaking with Navika Kumar, Ravi Shankar Prasad in a discussion about the well-fought Bihar state assembly elections and just missing the top ranking as far as the single largest party is concerned. The BJP came up with maximum seats, Ravi Shankar talks about who he thinks is the credit master in this big win, is it the Congress party that pulled the RJD down or was it just the alliance's lucky stars that JDU didn't damage the opposition enough in this by-polls? Were the election atmosphere and Bharat mood in the favour of the BJP and NDA party alliance? Did the policies aid the BJP government? Or was it just about the NaMo factor? And was the NDA Covid action effective for this election? Was the entire result of the Bihar election the Bharat mood?
Watch the candid chat between Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and Navika Kumar.
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  • I support you.

  • Kejarwalji bhi EVM EVM chillaunga(before election) bolkar EVM se jeet gaye.

  • It's not NDA WIN. Election Commission win.

  • Hassmok navika 🤣🤣🤣

  • Navika Kumar and her channel is "only bark, no bite", cowards actually..kuch dino tak Sushant ke case mein khulasa kiya...jaisey hi dhamki ya paise mila..turant u-turn le li!!! Tabhi Arnab left this channel no wonder Sher aur bakri ek ghat mein to pani nahi pi sakte that much is clear to us.

  • Rahul cannot even fit as Shakuni. Shakuni is a cleaver man. I agree with Obama

  • If you have guts, face the election without EVM. We will see where your plan goes

  • This interview is excellent specially about current politics of Bihar.

  • He is liar/ all camre through back door. It is evident that during the peak Corona, how they walked from Tamil Nadau

    • You will be washed awau

  • Media and government together fool people

  • Media gives questions and answers to the minister before the interview .This is to how people are managed

  • Navin patanaik... Odisa...

  • Her argument that Chirag was used to trim Kumar: Can the same be true,if Congress played a villainic role and cut the possibility of Lallu's son becoming a CM.as per old agenda of Congress.Congress pulled down every other regional and central leader who is of almost same age as that of Congress crown prince Rahul, so he will never have any strong competitor at any time to beat him on national Leadership..

  • Once again proved that "Incumbency is not a crime" !

  • She is such a shallow journalist like majority of Indian journalists. Very cheap.

  • It is good to have ground reporter's prperly- otherwise weeping for Hataras, but not on Hoshiyarapur...


  • I think News channel should stop asking questions on EVM and BJP stop replying to that then only it will die out.

  • im watching from new zealand

  • Ravi Shankar does not know how far left Twitter is , the way it destroyed Trump and blocked Hunter Biden expose , BJP should wake up before it’s too late .. Twitter will hit BJP when it’s most vulnerable , it has become too bold and openly far left , the cat needs to be 🔔

  • Dahanu broach to raga and new message send by new pok

  • No

  • Avde chhe

  • Mnju mama is not descernible to me stioll. Was curdling atyagya pragnya ilmed

  • Fond of mine pm

  • Gujju aarati there dock

  • Raammandir bridgeth mughal art in French literary dynasty"bred"publiss

  • Still rammgrid is thisone

  • Premkunj grabs everything

  • Ram is this one u r working for

  • It is wellkept to grate diamondshaped by Mrs akhtar

  • Obama is lagging in these field, indian bachha bachha janta hai bahut Sal se

  • Pappu hai to hum hai


  • Excellent interview and happy Diwali to all

  • The Induan people know whether you are Frankly Speaking or pleasing to serve your political masters

    • Whom u r pleasing...!! Rahul gandhi lol

  • I heard that no space left for a wiski drinker in the top spot in BJP!!! What a Shame myself now took 3 shot of smrinoff with orange juice. Almost 120ml as per Kerala standards. What to do with Modi? How can I become the PM now 🤠🤠

    • @kashsoldier so kya old munk pele??

    • Like leader (pappu), like follower. hehe. Stop blabbering. Stay off vodka

  • तुम्हारा रविशंकर सब फेल है तू अपने आप में पेट पेट के नाम मत थपथपा तुम्हारा सारा काम देख रहे हैं सब जनता है तू कितना कर रहा है