Planning for an international trip/Grocery shopping haul/Feminine hygiene tips/Smoked eggplant curry

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 24 फेबृवारी, 2021
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  • இன்றைக்கு ரொம்ப அழகா இருக்கீங்க சகோதரி

  • Ungaluku ellarum niraiya gift pantranga nenga avangaluku ena return panunenga

  • Enathu lemon la 2type sa lime lemon nu

  • aawarampoo face lighening ku help pannum tan skin ullawanga kandippa try pannunga

  • Hi sunitha.fridge magnet enga neenga try paninga

  • Tq u love u ka

  • Kindly avoid unnecessary travels. Most of us are struck aboroad and we are hesitating to travel to avoid the infection and not to spread or catch it. Follow the rules of the country you are staying in. Some of us have lost our beloved ones to covid and could not trave for their death too. Just being a blogger u guys are travelling much. Please take caution and be responsible citizens

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  • Ya , that is lemon but that is not Indian variety .. the one is green colour is lime ... If its in yellow colour , then it's lemon ...

  • I see there is a snake plant and also a creeper behind you in the video ( 21 minutes) could you please share if it is getting sun light or does it grow without that also?? I am planning to buy some indoor plants but I don't get sun light inside our home...your answer would help me get some plants

  • Passport it's a must. Plz plz plan international trip after one year, y u roming in corona time?

  • You are right that is lemon the green one that use for prayer is lime from. Malaysia

  • Post full details for passport apply

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  • Hiii suni akka. Entha products a dark knees dark areas remove pannuma akka.. plzzz Ethuku apdi use panrathuku nu kattuga akka Body hands legs ku use pannalama

    • @Innaiku Enna Samayalok akka thqq Entha rendu product matuma akka Elati ennu vera vera product eruka I mean entha brand la

    • Yes dear u can use ❣️

  • Epdium Dubai tha povinga ... Ella utubers um Dubai thana poringa ipo .. etho iruku ..🤔🤔

  • Green color - lime Yellow color-lemon

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  • Oil container vache irruka stand link irruntha send panunga

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  • Andha diary milk minis Hema I mean na than vanginen sis

  • Pls give me your number,Iam working in tours and travels company so that I will be privileged if I arrange your trip sister.Please consider ❤️❤️❤️

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  • Sis international trip ipothiku avoid panunga ... ipo porathu safe illa

  • Required certificates ???

  • Neenga ellorukkum reply kudukkurathu super friend.😍😍😍

  • Tell me passport apply

  • Hi suniii akka..,I’m from Abu Dhabi

  • Konjam weight piteenga pola

  • Lime greena irukum, yellow colored is lemon

  • அக்கா எனக்கு 2 babies இருக்காங்க, என்னோட கணவர் இருந்துட்டாரு, சென்னை ல வீடு பாக்கணும் வட்டிக்கு பணம் உதவி பண்ண mudiuma

  • Unga editing parthu ennoda ponnu ney sirikira

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  • சூப்பர் சூப்பர் பாஸ்போர்ட் ஆபீஸ் போனேன் சொன்னிங்க பெரியவங்களுக்கு படிச்ச சட்விகேட் இல்லனா என்ன செய்வாங்க அதுக்கு வேற என்ன ஃப்ரூட் கேட்பாங்க படிச்சது இல்ல வீட்டில் பிறந்தவர்களுக்கு பாஸ்போர்ட் எப்படி செஞ்சு தருவாங்க கொஞ்சம் கேட்டு சொல்ல முடியுமா இல்லன்னா அவங்க போன் நம்பர் கிடைக்குமா 👍👍👌👌🤝🤝🥰🥰

  • Hi Sunita. This is my thoughts on international travel and nothing personal against you or anything. We all have to bear in mind that the COVID pandemic is not yet over even thought we have vaccinations in place. As much as everyone wants to plan for an overseas trip, this is definitely not the right time to do so and only essential travel should take place. As a MRslowr, I feel you have a responsibility to relay the right message to the public since you have got many followers or subscribers who are watching your videos. Thanks!

    • @Innaiku Enna Samayal I was not expecting a reply but thanks for taking time to read my comment. 👍🏽

    • Sure dear I agree ❣️ it might take 2 or 3 months for us to decide nd travel dear...only if things are back to normal or atleast ok we will travel dear 😊❣️

  • Dry anathum dress la yellow Agatha coz sweat agurapo dress la yellow karai padume

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  • Bloopers are really funny❤️❤️❤️😂.. vegetables oda paper sound nalla capture airku😎

  • Sunitha lemon from seed will not fruit soon...will take years....also this is just a lemon variety....small yellow ones r also lemon only but the one in dark green colour which does not change to yellow is lime dear

  • It's too bad by looking only I can say

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  • Very fresh vegetables which palamudhir Cholai did you buy ?

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    • Ss yeppovum ippidie happy ia irgue you and ur familie

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  • Bali ponga ka semaya erukum neraya places uhm eruku

  • Dhayavu senju dubai pogadhinga boaring

  • Sis vegitable store pandrathu eppadinu soluga

  • International trip endha country ku Poga poreenga dear... dont choose Dubai for next 7 months.. check for Bali Indonesia such a lovely place but I am not sure abt the climate.. happy happy for you🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Sis ur native is kanyakumari aa

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  • Veggies n fruits enga vaanguniga Sunitha sis n mushroom romba fresh ah iruku ..... Enna shop enga iruku

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  • Could you pls tell me the exact location for getting a visa in chennai. Make a vedio on how to get visa . Also for child. Can you give suggestions for getting a good sleep.Thank you.

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  • Lime is green , lemon is yellow color.

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  • மக்களே என் சேனல் ல கனடா ல இருக்கும் பல விடயங்கள் பற்றி பதிவுகள் உள்ளது ! குறை நினைக்காமல் வந்து ஆதரவு தந்து என் குறை நிறைகளை சுட்டி காட்டுங்கள்