OnePlus 8T Review: The Awkward Middle Child!

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 14 ऑक्टोबर, 2020
OnePlus 8T sits between their high-end and budget and it can't too close to either.
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Phone provided by OnePlus for review.


  • This guy can't say a nice word for a phone unless it has the apple logo

  • I would anytime get a flagship phone + flat screen phone

  • Hi marques. In malaysia the price is the opposite way around. Oneplus 8t retails at usd739 Samsung galaxy s20 fe 5G retails at usd835 We dont get the pixel 5 officially here. So yeah depends on the market. Its still tops the middle price wars.

  • Aquamarine? More like Miku Blue

  • The only real problem with this phone is the cameras and the single speaker on the bottom Stereo speakers are really important for media consumption And good cameras are really needed on one plus phones they are in detail but the cameras colors aren’t really good in dark photos and has really bad audio in 4K video but the stabilization’s really good But these things really made me rethink and in conclusion I’m gonna buy the S20 FE 5g b cause it’s better but it has a slower charger and a plastic back( Not too bad but still I need to charge fast)

  • Hmmmmm f you

  • I'm happy with my poco f1

  • One plus 8T or iPhone 11?? Which one to buy?? Performance and Camera quality is the main preference for me. Hope you will reply.. Love from Kochi ♥️♥️

  • 336 hours? what! seriously!!!

  • 2020 and still can’t make the camera good

  • Lmaooooooo pause it at 2:21 im dead 💀

  • 8:42 he said it.

  • Oneplus 8 or 8T , which one is better ?

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍


  • Who's here because of the cyberpunk edition?

  • No one use wireless charging come on

  • Yes Oneplus 8T is killer love it is its better than Galaxy S10 series and iphone 11 pro max, 12 pro max because Oneplus 8T is reason price 👍 iphone design never like for lifetime this big notch design very boring.

  • I can’t choose between the Oneplus 8t and the iPhone 11 and the Black Friday deal is almost over😫😫

  • Pwoli

  • Who cares about wireless charging when you have a 65w charger 😂

  • Does Dbrand skins protect back glass same way like ClearCoat does

  • MKBHD: don't kill me.

  • QUICK QUESTION. What do you guys think of the Hueaaei P30 Pro as of right now?

  • I'm rewatching this and did anyone catch what it says at 2:21? 🤣 What is Marques looking at man? Lol

    • I caught that and hoped someone else did too

  • mine at $350 for switching to TMobile. Not bad at all...and when you warp it in 30-40min...who needs a wireless charger?

  • Oh no, a 500€ phone is worse than a 700€ phone. What a disappointment.

  • The camera in this phone is really bad. I have this phone now, I compared it to my old oneplus 3 and my old phone taking way more detailed photos with better colors (same results with gcam).

  • I'm considering sending my Huawei mate 40 pro for this, any thoughts?

  • This will probably get buried but for the first time ever I've ordered a brand new phone (always bought second hand off ebay). My current phone is a oneplus 5t which is brilliant, and which my dad is taking. I've ordered a xperia 5 ii but I'm conflicted between that phone and the oneplus 8t. It's coming in two days. I love the idea of video recording and making movies, but at the same time I've always been a massive fan of oneplus. Better battery, much faster charging which is super useful and just usual oneplus excellence.

    • What should I do?

  • I'm going to wait for the cyberpunk version to come out

  • That intro is out of this world bro holy crap

  • I hate the wireless charge. It takes forever to charge. It is much better to charge using a cable for 15 minutes than wireless for one hour.

  • Insane production quality Marques !

  • Do one plus 8T has any country lock issues..??

  • 499 will be a killer

  • this is hard to decide if you are getting S20 FE in Asia. due to the only available processor in Asia is an Exynos chip rather than a more powerful and durable snapdragon chip. And I received some feedbacks from Oneplus users that the new software updates brings out one of the best camera result. So I don't know if S20 FE is winning over the cheaper 600$ OP8T? Let me know your suggestions please. Thanks

  • need my curved edges

  • bro it doesn't cost that much. In my country costs 599€

  • Doctor:- "How long have you noticed your child reacts strongly to MRslow?" Marques' Mom:- "well it's been 336 hours doc" Doctor:- "How many?" Marques' Mom:- "2 weeks " Doctor:-"🤦🏾‍♂️🧘🏾‍♂️"

  • how many years android will this phone get?

    • 3 years

  • Wallpaper??

  • Wireless charging is really a stupid thing that only these wannabecool tech bloggers need.

  • Anyone who wants to respond to this please do, Is it worth spending 100 euro's (price today for me) more for the 8t instead of the regular 8?

    • @Thomas Eadon Thanks, whenever the 8 is back avaiable i'll get it :)

    • No

  • Not much people know this but the other top flash is actually a flicker sensor which doubles as a ambient light sensor..

  • Any chance I can activate "normal charging"? Like 2 hours of charging instead of that unhealthy 40 minutes?

  • Should I get this or the 8 Pro?

  • What just happened to the captions by MRslow?? It says Korean😂😂😂😂

  • It's not a dual flash

  • Me: Dislikes video seeing "Awkward middle child" Also Me: Proceeds to like the video after seeing the intro

  • How many of looked at 8T Coffee beans?

  • Just got mine for $420.00 ... A steal!

  • Tomorrow @ 8 am PST! The Frieza rap you been waiting for! (feat. @GameboyJones) Make sure notifications are [ON]

  • 3:27 Simultaneously At the same time Pog clap.

  • as someone that hasn't shopped around for a phone for 2.5 years now I'm flabbergasted that 1000$ is the standard now for flagship

  • I wonder why this video has Korean captions but no English captions

  • If the phone is available for arround 550 if you get it directly from Ali, it's a great deal right? Is this one or the standard Mi 10 better?

  • On sale @ B&H right now for $629 with wireless OnePlus buds. Well worth it in my opinion

  • Wireless charging is just so so bad for your battery health

  • Today I tried it in Shop. Coul you believe it, no ultra wide video with 1080p 60 fps and 4k 30/60 fps video recording. Ultra wide angle is available only in 1080p 30 fps. Even my budget Xiaomi mi 9T could record video with ultra wide angle in 4k 30/60 fps. Oneplus are you stupid or what? You are removing necessary features for what? Im very disappointed you for trying push people buy only 8 pro model. Having in mind this and realy bad cameras on 8 and 8T you should go down with prices a lot. And I hope consumers will push you go down the prices in not buying your phones.

  • The phone that shouldn't exist.

  • I got a OnePlus 8T 3 days back and I love the phone

    • @Saibal Republic low light is good but zoom isn't that great and the macro mode is kinda gimmicky

    • How has the camera been so far , Mirza ? How efficient is low light photography (nightscape) and digital zoom ?


  • Its not a big difference in term of price so i rather go for the one plus 8 pro and get the flagship phone with no exemptions

  • Hey MHBHD. Could you please review the display quality of 8T while playing HDR content on MRslow. My 8T isn't producing deep blacks

    • This will be of great help to me.

  • No matter what shit apple does everyone love it but not me

  • how much money we bet that he got voted out in Among Us?

  • Just purchased this phone new unlocked at $629 out the door including free wireless buds and one month service.

  • Performance mukhyam bigile..

  • I think oneplus is focusing on the european market with this, the phone is 599€ in Germany and that makes it way cheaper than many other options here. Seriously considering the phone, I’ve fallen in love with the alert slider on oneplus phones and the cameras seem good enough to satisfy my needs, I’m not a huge photo taker anyways

  • Is it the 5g version

  • The confusion on trying to decide on the 8T or 8 Pro 🙈 Anyone help?? 😄

  • 9:04 Maaaaaaan!

  • the fe better

  • Noob In Amoung Us

  • Marques, how is the quality of the stereospeakers?

  • I want to know if the S20 FE RAM has the latest tech, since OP 7T has 12GB but but the latest and greatest. I upgraded from an OP 7 Pro and, even thou I used to be a S series user, I ended upchoosing OP 7T and I love it.

  • Should I get this or realme x50 pro?

  • 599€ now

  • in europe is 618 euros. i think it is worth the money in europe :)

  • Yeah I got the oneplus 7 pro this year and it kinda killed me that there was no wireless charging but it's the fastest charging phone I've got thus far it even charges faster than my s10e despite it having a much bigger battery and they said the phone would have to be thicker and it would be harder to implement warp charge so at the end of the day I thought it was a pretty fair trade

  • Marques:Some times it misses exposure on darker subjects like me Me inside mind:Oneplus made a racist camera😂

  • Hey Marques i am from Indian please share your view which one should i go oneplus 8T or oneplus 8 Pro. Thanks. May God Bless you

  • This phone is the best almost in terms of everything excluding the Gorilla Glass 5, I had 7T pro and the gorilla glass 5 broke when my phone dropped from 80cm and landed on a wooden surface, that was insane, ill never get anything but Gorilla Glass 6+ only. The screen touch started getting crazy. It feels like the whole phone is wasted now from one drop.

  • This video doesn't make sense for people outside of us, because the the price in europe is 599 for the 128gb model which undercuts every other competitor

  • I have the same phone and whenever I play among us or open any app that contains ads, it always puts me back to the homescreen and it is getting really frustrating. Can someone please help?

  • One plus 8T or 8Pro which is not priced at 799 with buds for free. I really like the flat screen of the 8T and am looking forward to 120 hz coming from pixel 2 XL

  • Does it have the green tint issue?

  • Mine didn't work. That's two one plus phones both of which were broken. One after 32 days (finger print sensor broke) but the one plus 8T did not work out the box. Bluetooth wouldn't transmit audio but would pair and allow control of phone over Bluetooth. Also there is a built in screen protector that causes the screen to lose quick taps (no matter your pointer speed settings). I love the 1+ OS but twice bitten I can't go back to them I don't think they have any level of quality control.

  • I used wireless charging in my nightstand and in my car for 2 year and switched to pixel 4a which doesnt have wireless charging, and it a feature that i just dont miss at all

  • so basically it’s the oneplus 8 but upgraded

  • In India 🇮🇳 You can Buy 2 Oneplus 8T in one IPhone 12 64 GB Price

    • Even oneplus 8T cheaper in other country 30k But here in India 46k And iphone 12 are cheaper in other country Only here dollar price and import taxes are high

  • Intro track ? I know the artist is 20syl

  • If the price es 649 it'll be great

  • 2:20 what is that message!!!! Lol

  • Been using 7T for almost an year now. Should I upgrade to One Plus 8 pro or wait for the 9 series?

  • £549 in the UK and a huge, huge bargain vs everything else out there. The Pixel is £500 here and falls so far short in the specs department it's not even funny.

  • Do you recommend the 8 pro or 8t

  • It’s better than the iPhone 12 for sure

  • Buying a 700 dollar smartphone to play 70 MB game. Genius move.

    • Mbs do not equal fun factor. Tetris on nes is less than 100kb and is more fun than most mobile games