रोजी प्रकाशित केले 21 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
Hey Guys❤️
So you all guessed it right, the song is Naach Meri Rani 🙈
We hope you enjoy watching it!! And lovelies we are just 20k subscribers away to make it a MILLION😍 SUPER DUPER HAPPY !!
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Music in this video
Song Naach Meri Rani
Artist Guru Randhawa, Nikhita Gandhi
Licensed to MRslow by Tseries Music (on behalf of T-Series); TSeries Publishing, and 1 music rights societies
Only for creational purpose..
Copyrighted property it owner(s)
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  • Finallyyyyy it’s here !! 😍 Did you like it guys? ❤️

  • Others: I can't tell who is who Me: what is so difficult for them I can tell who is who

  • Chinki and Minki dance like Nora fatehi only who all loves Nora fatehi give a like to this comment 💮❤️💖💞 chinki minki pls make illegal song dance and nachi song and also lagdi lahor di pls.😅😅

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  • It's not your brother, you dance so dirty, brother, she will also be ashamed

  • One of them is a little more plump than the other. Good luck figuring out which one.

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