Muraliya - Bhoomi 2020 | Salim Sulaiman | Shreya Ghoshal | Shradha | Merchant Rec | New Music Video

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 30 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
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Audio Credits -
Music Composed & Produced by: Salim - Sulaiman
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
Lyrics: Shradha Pandit
Music Co-Produced by: Raj Pandit
Additional Music Production: Anshuman Sharma
Keyboards & Vocoder: Salim Merchant
Zen Drum: Sulaiman Merchant
Keyboards: Raj Pandit
Drums: Darshan Doshi
Guitars: Nyzel D’lima
Bass: Rushad Mistry
Keyboards: Jarvis Menezes
Tabla: Ojas Adhiya
Flute: Paras Nath
Live Strings Orchestrated by: Samarth Srinivasan
Live Strings Conducted by: Lavine D’costa
Recorded by: Aftab Khan & Raj Pandit at Blue Productions
Electronic Drums Recorded by: Abhishek Ghatak & Raj Pandit at Roland Artist Centre, Mumbai
Mixed & Mastered by: Aftab Khan at Headroom Studio
Distributed by: Global Music Junction
Video Credits -
Director: Shakti Hasija
Executive Producer: Kunjan Hasija
DOP: Anubhav Bansal
Associate DOP: David Basu
Assistant Directors: Jeetu Rall, Arunava Gupta
Production Manager: Tanka P Acharya
Assistant Production Manager: Gaurav Bhan
Stage Designed by: The Concert Production
Light Designer: Sohail Mansuri (Lightrix Pro)
Assistant Light Designer: Maaz Mansuri
Production Manager & Effects: Zeeshan Siddiqui (Stage It Right)
Visuals & Graphics Designer: Karan Sharma
Location: Bangur Nagar Studios, Mumbai
Post Production: Industrywalas
Editors: Jeetu Rall, Arunava Gupta, Kripamoy Das, Rahul Gupta
Colorist: Nilesh Pote
Fashion Director: Kavita Lakhani
Fashion Stylist: Aeshu Lalan
Fashion Assistants: Sakshi Sanghrajka, Nupur Shah
Make Up & Hair Designer: Suman Singh Chauhan
Make Up & Hair Team: Silky Mehra, Zabi Shaikh, Lucky Shau, Zanak Thapa
Project Head: Nirav Thakar
Artist Relations: Radhika Mistry
Digital Strategy: Shivansh Jindal
Album Creatives: Dishant Mistry
PR: Lily Alhuwalia
Muraliya New Song Video Lyrics -
Baaje re baaje baaje, muraliya baaje
Baaje re baaje baaje, muraliya baaje
Kanhaiyaa, gopaalaa
Baaje re baaje baaje, muraliya baaje
Radha raani sang gopiyaan magan hai,
Mann mein toh bansi bajaiyaa ki lagan hai...
Radha raani sang gopiyaan magan hai,
Mann mein toh bansi bajaiyaa ki lagan hai
Sabke sang jhoome rang rasiya
Laage sabhi ko hai yeh mann basiya
Kanhaiyaa, gopaalaa
Baaje re baaje baaje, muraliya baaje
Baaje re baaje, baaje re baaje, gopaalaa
Baaje re baaje, muraliya baaje tori
Baaje re baaje, baaje re baaje, gopaalaa
Baaje re baaje, muraliya baaje tori
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Muraliya - Bhoomi 2020 | Salim Sulaiman | Shreya Ghoshal Song | Shradha | Merchant Rec | New Music Video
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  • SALIM SULAIMAN sir, you deserve an award for not selecting NEHA KAKKAR in bhoomi 2020.☺

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    • You're correct

  • I've been listening to this song every single day since it's release, on both MRslow and JioSaavn.. Shreya Ji, Salim Sir, Sulaimaan Sir, and the entire team, you all are our pride! Muraliya takes my breath away, and I'm sure does the same to the God Almighty too!❤️❤️❤️

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