Meherma - Stefy & Sanket| Jonita Gandhi, Shashwat Singh| Samira Koppikar| Sahib| Zee Music Originals

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 7 एप्रिल, 2021
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Producer: Anurag Bedi - Chief Business Officer, Zee Music Company
Song: Meherma
Singers: Jonita Gandhi & Shashwat Singh
Music Composer: Samira Koppikar
Lyrics: Sahib
Music produced & arrangements by Jonathan Rebeiro
Marketing & Promotions: Kirthi Shridhar Rai - Marketing Head, Zee Music Company
Cast: Stefy Patel & Sanket Mehta
Video: Fatima Khanam Films
Director: Sameer Khanna
Line Producer: Team AG
DOP: Maneesh Bhatt
Styling: Minisha Mendonza
Make Up: Prabh Makeovers
DI: Rahul Beniwal
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  • Stefyyyy is sooo cuuteeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....;D :D :)


  • Sankuuuuuuuuuuu ❤️

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  • 15 year's later. Me: see's this video Video: this video is now trending ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • Nice song

  • Hazaribag stefy Patel 💙

  • It's place Shimla I'm from knagra

  • Land song😡😡🤒

  • क्या बता हु बाबा song' ऐसा बनाया है जितना बोलू कम है यारो.... गाने सुनता हु तो मन ऐसा करता है सुनता ही रहु... दिल जीत लिया इस song ने तो साब. ..

  • So cute🤗🤗😘😘


  • I am very happy by seeing this song. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🧡🧡🧡🧡❣❣❣💚💚💚💖💖💛

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  • Why Sanket did not varified on instagram when this song realised anirudh sharma got varified when his first song realised 😑😑

    • @Sharlin Nafi yes

    • Don't know. He needs to be verified. He is deserving

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  • Wait what 2.3M views with 101K comments😶 .........This song deserve more views......acting should be appreciated👌👌 Some body plz tell me boy name

    • Sanket Mehta. He is an influencer and youtuber. You can search and stalk him, you will fall in love with him.

  • Why all damfam members is not commenting 😭😭

    • @mukesh agarwal yeah and sanket's song is doing better than tanzeel song. He has worked very hard for this and he is not getting appreciated by his own friends. Tanzeel has released many songs but sanku has got this opportunity after 2 years. They should have hyped him. But anyway, we are there for him and his song is going to be super hit.

    • @Sharlin Nafi same they celebrated aktk 1M what about him nothing he don't ask for anything they take it so lightly and everyone are just busy within themselves and always left him over whole damnfam commented on their song and everyone hyping them up making reels nd all it happens everytime.

    • @Damnfam Inaayat I am not spreading hate . I am a damnfan. I love damnfam. But It hurts to see nobody appreciating sankets song. So I said this. They didn't even congratulate him for 2M . But sorry if I hurt ur feelings. It's not my intention. I just love sanket. That's why.

    • @Sharlin Nafi hey don't do all this. Stop spreading hate n negativity in the fandom😒

    • Bcuz it's not tanzeel and ashis song

  • What the healll.... Damnfam rocks....🤘❤️ Love you guzzz...🌼

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  • Finally got to listen some good tracks, after Tony Kakkar's disasters.

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  • हमारे झारखंड की शान *स्टेफी पटेल* ✨

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  • हर खानदान में कोई एक होता है जो गरीबी रेखा को पार करके आगे चला जाता है | भगवान करे कि वो आप के खानदान में वो आप हो ❤❤

  • Shimla ❤️👍

  • Jonita's voice ..... OMG😍

  • Lovely song but I am really feeling bad for sanket that he is not getting any support on this song from damnfam I mean damnfam members are making reels on gallan ch romance and inayat but no body is even bother to make reels on this amazing song don't they know that this song is released sanket always supports everyone I never expected this from damnfam really disappointed 🙄.Btw sanket great work 😀👍

    • @Aanchal tom cruise released on 11 Nov and they left damnfam 12 Nov , and announced on 14 Nov. So that's why I said they had left already.

    • @Sharlin Nafi hey! Tom Cruise was released before Mrunirudh left damnfam! U can check the song! It was released 6 months ago and everybody from damnfam commented on it!! And as far as the cake cutting is concerned I feel it's really impt to give equal importance to all the members✨

    • Yesterday they cut cake for inayat crossing 1 million but not for meherma which has crossed 1million 3 days ago and even crossed 2M. I saw sanku when AkTk were cutting the cake. He was looking so sad . They could have cut a cake for him also. I don't agree with mrunirudh case. Bcuz they had left damnfam already. So it was fair for them to not make any reels on the song

    • @Sharlin Nafi they did the same for Mrunirudh! No reels on TOM CRUISE I love them but this is what they do wrong🥺

    • Me too. They didn't even congratulated him for meherma crossing 1 and 2 million. I love damnfam. That's why I am hurt bcuz I love sanket and bcuz of him I found damnfam. Didn't expect this. How hurt sanket must be feeling. He always appreciates everyone but nobody appreciates him not even aashna

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  • i love youu7u shrutiii nd shraddu will be missing singing with you after few days

    • @Shradha Khatiwada love uhhhh bothh!

    • Samee yrrr 😥 but we will keep singing hai 😊 we will miss you the mosttttt

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