Living into your 90s

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 18 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
60 Minutes looks back a groundbreaking 2014 report on factors that can lead to a longer, healthier life.
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60 Minutes premiered on CBS September 24, 1968. Bill Owens is the program’s executive producer. The correspondents and contributors of 60 Minutes are Sharyn Alfonsi, Anderson Cooper, John Dickerson, Norah O’Donnell, Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl, Bill Whitaker and L. Jon Wertheim.


  • What do they eat regularly pn a daily basis should have been one of the factors they analysed.

  • Tell us about their financial history

  • That 2nd guy is fibbing.

  • Yet everyone of these people have less cognative decline then Joey Biden...

  • 4:23 I’m 25 and I didn’t remember the last word either 😂

  • So so Evils Nancy in action American peoples we are very very dangerous for Nancy. She listening to China. Not good for American peoples. 1/6/21 at capital there Nancy daughter in law there Nancy called the peoples and killed them. What’s going on Nancy. We need to Nancy impeachment

  • These people do not look anywhere close to 90.

  • fascinating!

  • Only whites. Nice

  • i have an IQ of 140...but have poor memory...from a very young age


  • Correlation doensn't equal causation. Most likely being "skinny" is associated with more deaths age 80+ because age related illnesses cause weight loss, not because being chunky will help you live longer.

  • the 80s and the 90s had the best music

  • I didn't remember "honesty"

  • Amazing

  • I knew beer and wine are good for me.

  • My mom did 91.3 years! Miss her every day.

  • No drugs

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  • Rockstars just slayin' it.

  • I’ve heard several patients of mine who used to live some still living in Laguna Woods Village

  • This old people home seems a dream, can't imagine such active and proactive men and women in India 's old people home.With music and dance and relationships still maintained, doctors providing gentlemen and ladies with nurses and doctors, all amenities and facilities like a gymnasium, computers which means internet accessibility. On the contrary some could be found in rural areas, which in India means an uneducated population and so the old age home is also manned by a uneducated staff.

  • Bruh forget cat videos this video was sooo cute😻 my fav is the cute grandma with the bob haircut

  • Go F Trump

  • This is so interesting!

  • I have never wanted to live forever or even into my 90’s the way this world treat the elderly after Using them up their whole lives

  • My great grandma passed at 117 years old. Both my paternal and maternal grandmothers are over 90. I only wanna live 70years.

  • But why do you want to? Being a vegetable is not life.

  • The problem is having enough money to live that long

  • That thing in the beginning about short life expectancy 49 years,,, not the whole story. Ohio USA near my 1st house, a frontier-ish days cemetery, 150/200+ years prior, though the headstones were very rain erroded, many 60 year old, a good number mid and high 70s years old. And also many were deaths giving birth, mother and/or child, and many kids under 5. My point Heathly water, food, soil and air, plus avoiding violence and stress seems to have caused longevity too, and before much western medicine or advanced science. FYI PEACE&HEALTH 🌍🌎🌏

  • Its amazing at that age that they stayed so active.

  • If I had chances, I would rather live in the 20th century which people were rational and brilliant. Many people were having their ordinary life with respects to be shown. People focused on the fundamental policies and issues with no any glamorous or dazzling stuff. We had no cell phones while taking on the streets. We were optimistically enjoying all the sceneries that were created by gods. 20th century was such a blissful, prosperious and peaceful era. I had grown up using mobile phones but detested this kind of generic stuff. I hope the world can be as it used to be in times ahead.

  • So Awesome!!!

  • Come on guys, the reason is simple: Money 💰

  • Lol I’m so old they faster than me

  • the select is cholesterol

  • Finally something of value as opposed to your typical liberal media agenda

  • Moral of the story is stay fit, drink alcohol, play games with friends, and stay away from cigarettes are the keys to live beyond 90 years old.

  • That's such of bologne about the diet and alcohol

  • soooo........ that's the test that trump took right?

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  • Reliable and humurous, the kind of resource I'm looking for!

  • I could love to add one more quality too for living long,and that is " Laughter " without this comic relief capacity in all of us we would find the world without interest. Sarcasm and satire, seeing cartoons, caricatures in papers and magazines is essential.

  • The difference is in their mental health -- they have the privilege of doing what they want to do. Alcohole in itself _is_ damaging, but the social aspect of drinking just a little outwheighs the damaging effects. Maybe some experience with meditation can help people with anxieties that worsen the effects of the things they get anxious about?

  • life expectancy is not going up any more in the us tho

  • I know the words, Camera TV man woman 🤣🤣🤣

  • in what ways are laughing and crying alike?

  • I do not want to live that long.

  • Now who wouldn't like a grandma like her? 7:14 I would take her in a heart beat...

  • Some of these guys have better hairlines than i had in my early 20s.

  • I think it's has something to do with a great tragedy, most of them either lived thru a war/deaths at a young age that made them appreciate life a little more, I'm not saying that's the answer but it seems to be the thing they all have in common, it's like flight or fight kicked into overtime to keep their bodies pushing, it seems to be almost automatic for them after so long

  • #1 factor not mentioned. They stayed busy. They didn’t give up. They stayed active. I think that’s the secret. Never retire.

  • I'm jealous, pops just died at 92 11/28/2020

  • God, i don't want to live into my 90s.

  • Amazing

  • Father is 82. But he is in better health then most ppl. Pretty sure he will be in his 90s same as he is now. His brain is sharp and body strong.

  • Sweet, my grandmother died at 98, and did everything herself until eyes closed

  • I think Pelosi thinks she will live for ever she wont step down and give her job to a younger person .controlling psychopath.

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  • I'm 32 I couldn't remember all the 3 words at the end.

  • God I love old people

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  • They all appear to be neatly dressed, and groomed.


  • My father is 86. I wish my mother were still alive. I miss her every day and every night. There's an emptiness. My father is extremely intelligent and aware and bright and active. I do not want to miss him and I don't want him to miss me. If only we could always be with our loved ones. I think I have had 3 hugs in the past 12 months. I love older folks and I wish they would stay around.

  • Love this🤗❣️😘

  • Alcohol?gaining weight?coffee?no way whole food plants yes

  • Some people have genes to make it to past 90 but if we all eat whole food plants and stop the animals we can live past 100

  • My half sister and her "boyfriend" of over 50 years ( they both opted in '68 to live in sin after both having failed marriages in their youth) live in this community - "Leisure World" - have lived there since the '80s and both are in their 90s. Will you make it to 90+? I think the answer is like owning a car you want to get to 350K miles - is the car a good make of car to start with and do you take good care of it? If the answer is "yes", then you stand a good chance of getting those 350K miles out of it. If it is cheap junk from the start and you neglect it, nope, it won't last as long or give you good service. Same with your body. If you want to live a long healthy life, stay away from what makes it unhealthy.

  • What they are saying here is the opposite of what we've been told, that high blood pressure is indeed a major cause of Dementias/Alzheimers. We've been told high blood pressure damages the brain/blood vessels in the brain. That's the problem with research & researchers. It depends what they are looking for and their biases perhaps??

  • Your need that weight when you’re older, always said that 😂 so I’m a keep these 20 lbs

  • Bruh, maybe some of us don’t want to live in this awful world into our 90’s.

  • Remarkable, attitude towards life was not part of the questionnaire. There is evidence that a positive attitude and a reason to live, ikigai, are more important for longevity than anything else. These peoples seem very positive and loving there life.

  • look into: M Lindell "My Pillow" and his support of the Trump insurrection, and his ads still being aired? i guess money more important than the democracy.

  • Am I the only one who wants to meet all of them and hear their stories?

  • Loved this video. Gives me lots of hope that I’ll live to see my granddaughter graduate from high school at my age of 94. Maybe even college. I’m presently 82 and still ride my Spyder everyday. It’s my reason to get up everyday and get active. My wife is the other reason. I have the usual aches and pains associated with getting started every morning but once the motor gets warmed up I’m good for the rest of the day. Living life to da max right now. I’m the surviving member of my immediate family(father,mother, sister and brother). Sister and brother both younger than me who both died of complications derived from smoking. Mother also. I stopped smoking at age 33(after smoking up to a pack and a half a day). Also served 20 years in the Corps. Semper Fi, brothers and sisters.

  • horrible...painful...bones lock up. internal systems lok up and tear...horrible.

  • CBS is fakenews and the enemy of this country

  • Why do old women like the reporter insist on wearing such bright red lipstick? It makes them look like painted corpses prepared for a viewing.

  • These people do have this eagerness to exercise daily,think positivity and eat proper food.add also stand straight if they can hehehe.....

  • There are no black people what a shock

  • Really want to have this in Chinese, so my parents can see as well. Good movie!

  • life is eternal, we just reincarnate and keep learning and growing spiritually. No need to find a way to live more! enjoy the life you have and become a better person. You will have many more chances until you leave this planet and `re able to live in a better one. This planet is a suffering one and only for those who are still learning. I'm included! That's the message and the planet is going through spiritual changes for better and those who are here now and don't improve inner self, wont reincarnate here anymore, but in a primitive planet. Earth is changing!

  • Marge, please, old people don't need companionship. They need to be isolated and studied so it can be determined what nutrients they have that might be extracted for our personal use.

  • My grandfather lived till he was 100. When I asked him his secret he said "moomoo baloola". He had Alzheimer's

    • That's not funny

    • Wow.

  • I think they missed a huge factor and that is these people have no money worries. They were already living in "Leisure World" in 1981, which was a a minimum age of 57 to be 90 in 2014. I realized they worked hard in their lives and planned for retirement, which is great. Also, they didn't mention Type 2 Diabetes: Google says Scientists are finding more evidence that could link Type 2 diabetes with Alzheimer's disease, the most common form of dementia and the seventh leading cause of death in the United States.

  • Meaningless longevity

  • No thanks.

  • 2020 Update: red hat dishonesty

  • 52 years or older?!?! OMG. I’m 11 months away from that and still climbing corporate ladder.

  • Key is raise your vibration, be happy and stay busy, have a zest or purpose for living your life, if your mind goes your body will follow.

  • Syd is out here getting more than half these 20 year olds.

  • When the lady gases it in the VW Beetle I died

  • 7:33 Lesley: “Are you on the computer” Ruthie: “Yes I am, but I’m having trouble with my computer”

  • I think the huge factor are genes , I knew someone with just who had fatty foods, alcohol and some junk foods diet with just 2 weeks and rushed to hospital and died due to high blood pressure in the age of 25, almost his family have it . and some old man who has basically same lifestyle still living today

  • I’m sure the Democrats will take credit... traders

  • I've got to live into ... and 90s. It's a way station on my way to my goal 117.