LG Wing: The Swiveling Smartphone!

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 16 ऑक्टोबर, 2020
I've been trying to come up with a just wing it pun for at least an hour, but I got nothing.
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Phone provided by LG for review.


  • Magic Sword fan are ya? Nice.

  • As a streamer that uses an app on my phone for a stream deck and also like to keep track of stream info via the twitch app i would love to have the swivel for the stream deck and the smaller screen for data.

  • i almost feel like itd be better to just have the screen slide sideways, so the phone can be twice the size instead. that'd seem more conventional to hold and make dual screen layouts for

  • you gave me some good ideas for my dual screen G8x. Music and maps while Im driving is gonna be sick

  • It’s so gimmicky they’ve should’ve called it “The LG WWE phone “

  • I acc see myself using this a lot especially since i do most my work on my phone n using MRslow pip.

  • Does anyone know what ring light he has in the background?

  • This phone looks so dumb

  • This should be named LG Love 3000

  • How can I get that wallpaper?

  • MKBHD's icons just launched and well of course he's been using it for more than a month 9:05

  • WTFuck!!!!!!🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • I would buy to watch porn on main screen while looking for more videos in other screen.

  • Ok so i love ios and how all the apple products work together but i want this so much it’s so cool.

  • lol its ugly

  • I just imaging my pocket dirt getting stuck between the two screens and destroying the screen

  • LG wing is a new razr!

  • Why dont you upload in 60fps grandpa?

  • I remember when all android users were saying that iPhones suck beacuse they don’t have a jack. But now everyone is removing the jack😂

  • Reminds of me the Motorola Flipout I had

  • Future Tech

  • I bought mine last week. Love it!

  • Me only have cheap swivel lenovo laptop

  • Has Iron Man 1 vibes

  • That's the coolest phone ever.

  • A double screen phone you can actually hold with one hand. Didn't see the point until i thought about hte possibilities, nice.

  • do it with pubg

  • jobby the hong would be satisfied

  • The T phone for T-Series lovers

  • I wasn’t expecting to say this but those use cases are actually pretty interesting.

  • this reminds me of the gba sp. if games supported swivel, the controls would be painfully cramped but the screen would be beautiful.

  • how much is it in canada

  • LG made a phone that I had that was able to stream music, play youtube, be on the phone and web browse at the same time. 😊 Without drag. Now as soon as one thing starts something stops. 😒

  • Lol. "But why though?"

  • You can film from the back and front camera at the same time XD

  • This thing is made for students in online classes

  • Nintendo DS Emulation anyone?

  • When you try and fly by flipping out the phone and jumping of your roof - _ -

  • Gimmick!

  • As a lefty I hate this

  • Hmm...I can see myself maybe getting this one of these d-- "It's a thousand bucks" --and nevermind.

  • Oh man also, navigation and track info together: this is actually something I still like when driving. I like seeing the current song or progress on the audio unit, so having all that on the phone with music navigation is such a neat idea and probably the safest way to do it. Because you're not looking down at your car's console or anything.

  • 3:10 I thought he was gonna say it sounds like a Glock

  • Tony stark phone?

  • Can someone tell me what Zoom meetings look like on this phone? I would like to film my teaching and be able to access mute/unmute controls for the students while I am teaching. Thanks in advance for your help!

  • So do you charge 1 phone or are you charging 2?

  • Old-school runescape on the top, MRslow on the little one.

  • Meanwhile Apple is like, "Hey guys, we made the edges of our phone a square! Wow! Pay us $1500!!"

  • How can I get someone to buy LG Wing in USA and have it bring it with them outside of USA. I can purchase it at retail but Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile are saying it'll have to be used at least 40 days in USA. Is there a workaround for this?

  • Not a good idea.

  • Me: oh snap a swivling phone Me 4 minutes later: wait is there a case for this

    • @Koibito Chan yayyy

    • Yes. Yes there is

  • taking Airplane Mode to a whole new level 🤣

  • Yea but what happens when you DROP IT while it’s flipped out?

    • Its been tested from 1.2M from several angles. I imagine a couple were while the screen was swiveled

  • Das war wohl total ueberfuessig.......Oh.....Schit

  • This is very convenient

  • if they put buttons on the bottom half it could make mobile gaming a real thing

  • Whenever I play Among us on a phone the keyboard takes up the whole place and It is impossible to see what people are talking about and I end up being sus and ejected, let's say will this phone be able to play Among us on bigger screen and typing on smaller?

  • This is gonna be a total game changer for like, one person. There's like one person who needs this. They're a traveling influencer that is somehow able to visit all sorts of places without ever encountering dirt or bumping into anyone.

  • 'You can kinda get used to doing it with one hand' RIP left-handed people

  • Left handed people: Why must you hurt me this way

  • So much wasted time to design this gimick ! Why they don't make a phone with full qwerty keyboard like mini laptop ???

  • Lg ceo: we are gonna wing our phones Headphone jack: my time has come

  • Still don't need a stupid phone i forgot LG exist.

  • Protective case... how?

  • The first Android I would buy.

  • Currently have a lgv50 and for sure going to upgrade to this!

  • This shit smth elsee🔥🔥

  • Seems hugely pointless. In fact, I’d actually be embarrassed to swivel it open in public, I’m not even joking.

    • Ive gotten nothing but compliments about it. Once you get used to the UI its very useful and convenient. Watched a sports event the other day while switching between text and discord on the small screen

  • This is legit just like a more expensive and impractical version of my Huawei y6 prime 2019 I just need to hold on the tab button which is next to the home button and two screen are created so I can chat on one screen a watch a video on another lol there is an issue yt doesn't work with it

  • i got here from superm's one mv

  • sidekicks are back baybee

  • Kids getting bullied pulling up with that to school🤣

  • Awesome review

  • This phone can work great for digital artist Propably.

  • So basically the perfect phone for watching twitch streams, twitch chat on the bottom, stream on the top

  • Nintendo DS emulator

  • interesting, but i find it unnecessary LG just telling other manufacturers they can to this shit bet you can't

  • Navigation with face time

  • should've called it the LG Model T

  • We are soooo close to getting the sidekick back!!!

  • Would be good for controlling a drone.

  • if I ever needed a nav phone for my car, I think this is it...

  • Can someone help me, whenever I got to instagram I the selfie camera comes up but i don't want it up since I'm not taking pictures. Is there a way to customize whether you want out or not?

  • Idk why even lg passed this concept 🤦‍♂ when the main screen is opened then it can break easily you can not use it in public anyone can mess up with screen and boom it comes out. Then replacing it would cost so much. You practically won't ever be able to focus on playing video on big screen when you are focusing on small one to type a message so basically LG just did a move to get attention of market cause this phone concept totally sucks.

  • That's just retarded and gimmicky

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  • Love from India

  • Streaming, with stream on top and chat down the bottom.

  • yey, a Mowgli boomerang, who the fuck needs that.

  • My mom just got this... 2 phones in fact, I think she gonna give the other one to me since my dad thinks it’s too complicated (looking at your video, I don’t feel like it is)

  • Damn we developing when will robots come

  • My brain this entire video: HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU MAKE A CASE FOR THAT PHONE!!

  • You're a wizard, MKBHD! Much love.

  • Oh its ong wing now huh i did not know

  • Really? *All we wanted was a headphone jack*

  • wtf is this phone

  • If apple had came with this design.. all these apple fanbois would have declared this as the peak of human evolution.

  • Hmmm. Split screen mode does it for me tho

  • I will get it, NEXT YEAR

  • how much is it sold