KINNE SAALAN BAAD - Avneet Kaur & Rohan Mehra | Goldie Sohel | Anshul Garg |

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 27 मार्च, 2021
Anshul Garg presents Kinne Saalan Baad sung by Goldie Sohel ft. Avneet Kaur & Rohan Mehra .
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Singer - Goldie Sohel
Music - Goldie Sohel
Lyrics - Goldie Sohel
Music Producer - Manash Borthakur & Goldie Sohel
Music Arranged by - Manash Borthakur, Goldie Sohel & Ishan Das
Acoustic & Electric Guitars - Ishan Das
Mandolin - Tapas Roy
Flute - Kiran S Vinker
Dholak - Gagan Sohel
Mix Master - Pankaj Borah
Assistant engineer - Pranjal Borah
Vocals Recorded @Goldie’s Music Space.
Dholak Recorded by Mohit Sharma @Gagan’s Studio Guwahati.
Featuring - Avneet Kaur & Rohan Mehra
Producer - Anshul Garg
Director- Yaadu Brar
Video Supervisor - Raghav Sharma
Dop - Jason Numberdar
Project Manager - Piyush Chandak
Makeup- Rajan Passi
Associate Director- Harman Jot
Assistant Director- Deep Duharia, Samar
Editing / Di- Honey Virk
Styled by - Outro By Akshita & Anulika
Art director- Mr. Blacc
Line Production- Fateh Film Productions
Artwork - Vicky Sandhu
Goldie Sohel exclusively managed by TM Talent Management
Distribution - Believe Digital
Promotions - Underdog Digital

Kinne Saalan Baad Lyrics:

Ohi teri gallan ne
Ohi sawaal ne
Naina che aaj vi tere
Ohi pyar ae
Bacheyaan wangu jive,
Ladi si pehlan tu..
Aaj vi sajna tera..
Ohi haal hai ...
Sach vi supna jeha
Lagda ae...
Aaj menu London vi Jalandar jeha
Lagda ae..
Kinne Saalan Baad ..
Diseyan menu tu...
Aaj pher pyar hogaya...
Kinne Saalan Baad ..
Diseyan menu tu...
Aaj pher pyar hogaya...
Noor tera aaj vi
Chand toh sonaa ae
Sadgi che teri main ...
Kudh nu pironaa ae
Naina ne aaj mere
Has has rona hai
Tere warga koi
Hor naiyo hona ae..
Sach vi supna jeha
Lagda ae...
Aaj menu London vi Jalandar jeha
Lagda ae..
Kinne Saalan Baad ..
Diseyan menu tu...
Aaj pher pyar hogaya...
Kinne Saalan Baad ..
Diseyan menu tu...
Aaj pher pyar hogaya
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