I bought every iPhone ever.

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 5 ऑक्टोबर, 2019
With iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro upon us, welcome to the Ultimate iPhone Unboxing + Camera, Speed, and Display Comparison reviews!
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  • This video has been nearly 2 months in the works - if you can watch till the end that would be amazing! Let me know which Ultimate Comparison you want to see next!

    • @Amira Wolfe it was made a year ago, before the Iphone 12 was released

    • Wheres the iPhone 12?

    • Who watching this on Iphone 9 or above

    • Nokia

    • Comparison video on Galaxy Note series

  • Did this over time lol

  • Wow that's a lot of work. Great video👏👏

  • Will Not Every Cause There Is No IPhone 5C,6S And 6S Plus, And Other Will Its Ok

  • AJAY

  • Imagine buying same product for 14 times

  • how come you don’t have the two top-of-the-line phones at the end? The iPhone SX max and the iPhone 11 promax? The top of the line on those two are the max. if you were going for the top of the line then you needed the max series on both a change and 11 series of iPhones.

  • Where is the 12???

  • I haven't seen as money mobile phone boxes, as Arun opened in his life time XD XD XD

  • Ur rich i cant even afford two iphones

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  • I have an Iphone 1 But its broken

  • Pronounced - AH-LUME-EH-NUM (Spelled aluminum)

  • Who is watching this in 2020 when the iPhone 12 came out

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  • This video was WAY longer then 24 minutes and 2 seconds it’s 2 hours lol

  • U forgot the IPhone XR

    • The XR was a mid range phone hes talking about the flagships

  • my dad had a iphone 5 or 4 but when i got to play it the first game i got was minecraft best time of my life

  • How is it possible to buy still sealed phones from 11 years ago? (Just like with the galaxy note video)

  • I'm watsin this whit redmi note 8 pro

  • What about the Xr?

  • “Oh crap Arun, I wasn’t recording” - Cameraman

  • Nice, I got the iPhone 5. (._.) frick my life

  • what about the se?

    • Hes talking about the flagships not the budget/mid ranges

  • Real iPhone lover!

  • ANDROID KS BETTER (well samsung is better)

  • 13:42 Unboxing ends. Thank me later.

  • My dad has had an iphone 5 s since 2014 and has refused to upgrade because he thinks newer phones look like tables

  • People in 2050: What are you talking about and why do the phones not have 10 cameras

  • Give one iPhone pls reply

  • Bro I was so confused with the charger then realized that he lived in England or something and was like oh yeah they have interesting charging things

  • 3GS iphone was not genuine its a fake copy.iPhone 3 G just let you know you lost $2000 while tearing that plastic...

  • Save this link soon there will be more amzn.to/3fM4Due

  • iphone 3gs is my fav

  • Anyone else got an eight?

  • Headphones: removed Charger block: removed 2050 when buying a phone: Phone not included

  • Ummm u forgot the xr

  • Bendgate

  • .

  • He didnt buy every Iphone ever. He forgot the Iphone 5C

    • But still. The Iphone 5C is an Iphone

    • bro Hes talking about the flagships not the budgets

  • You forgot the XR that phone I currently have and I was waiting for u to say the XR

  • Could you give me the name of the font which you used at the beginning with the blue margin, pls?

  • Could you give me the name of the font which you used at the beginning with the blue margin, pls?

  • 3:17 Me to my iPhone: hey that’s u

  • Y...you forgot the iPhone se!

    • He talking about the flagships not budget iPhones

  • I...still hate the iPhone brand itself

  • Video : He bought every iPhone ever MRslow: Shows me 1+ phone ads

  • Americans looking at the charging blocks like 👁👄👁

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  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Iphone 4s was ta 1st and last iphone I used

  • I had iPhone 4 for my first iPhone

  • I had an iPhone 6 for 2 years before it broke. It bent and the screen stopped working. I lost all of my photos since I didn’t do a backup. I got an iPhone 8 December 2019 and will probably have it for a couple years.

  • What about the 5C and all the colors?!

  • Guys I made tinder a lot easier. Please check out the 2 min video on my channel. Thank You.

  • The og headphones 😭😭😭

  • How do you misspell your channel name??? “Mrwhosetheboss” is actually “Mrwho’stheboss” buddy

  • Iphone 12 finally a beautiful iPhone since iPhone 4

  • nice comparison, good to see tech evolution in a single video!

  • Where is the se 2020 and original se

    • He is talking about flagships and b the video was uploaded on 2019 not 2020

  • The accent really surprised me. Love it tho lol

  • Apple in 2040: You can get an iphone, but the phone is sold separately

  • Such a terrible waste of money. And for what? Just because?

    • @Windows 10 Build 1507 pmsl what?

    • Cyber bullying stop cyber bullying

  • In 3050 People be like : Eww...is that iphone 12,13 l.... I saw my grandma use that trash iphome 12 pro. Grandama be like: this was my dream phone...heheheheh

  • you missed se 1

  • Headphones: removed Charger block: removed 2050 when buying a phone: Phone not included

  • Arron is the best unboxing god, he spent a lot of money for a vid, he is reasonable.

  • No one actually talking about how he got all these vintage iPhones and everybody just shitted on the iPhone 12

  • Bro why is everybody talking about the iPhone 12 not having a charger in the box if you can afford an iPhone 12 you can afford a brick

  • Tittle: I bought every phone ever. Opens first one: See's all the stuff packed in O.O The charging block be like-

    • You copied this comment idiot 🤣 is it that hard to come up with stuff wow smh

  • it seems as if he is using a fake accent

  • mrslow.info/mine/BH6itb5VG0E8s2Ng0Sptsw Subscribe please ☝️☝️☝️☝️

  • me watching this 2020. never had a iphone 😂

  • I feel old lol

  • well lets meet again in 5 years when this video will be recommended again.

  • Wut about the iPhone se’s

    • A he is talking about the flagships and B this video was uploaded in 2019

  • I was just sitting here, in America, waiting for the charging block to change.

  • Wow it’s crazy I used to have an iPhone 4 now I have an iPhone 12 pro max and here are all my phone I have had in my past FYI I am 9 👇🏼 1st phone: iphone 4 2nd phone: iPhone 6s 3rd phone: iPhone 7 Plus 4th phone: iPhone 8 Plus 5th phone: iPhone 11 Pro Max And the phone I have now is an iPhone 12 pro max

  • What about the xr🤔🤔🤔

  • Can one get buy some of this phone from you

  • Headphones: removed Charger block: removed 2050 when buying a phone: Phone not included

  • But you can still buy new iPhone sevens from like Verizon’s and he bought one on eBay 😳

  • I dont see any difference

    • Avsi bacod

  • "3:46" Iam really happy to announce to you that the very best team I never regret working with they are very great *p y p t o l m o n . x y z* අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

  • I need the iphone 4 pls

  • Can you give me one please👉👈

  • I was just sitting here, in America, waiting for the charging block to change.

    • Apple in 2040: You can get an iphone, but the phone is sold separately

  • Hi i have the xr lmao it’s red apple is scamming us by slowing down our phones ugh 🤦‍♀️

    • Its because apple slows down older iPhones to make the battery still last a full day so making it slower means less things meaning saving battery life

  • The last iPhone I used was the iPhone 4.. Since Steve Jobs passed away.. I never buy Apple products anymore... Because I think Apple has changed its innovation, vision and mission... No Steve Jobs...no Revolutionery Phone for game.. 🤔🥺😔😥

  • I loved the video but no iPhone xr?

  • Why did you buy a iPhone 7 off eBay just buy it off apples website

    • The iPhone 7 is not on apples website anymore the iPhone 7 was not on sale on apples website since January 1 2020

  • I’ve had a 6S for more than a year.

  • If you haven’t noticed, apple seems to change the design of the phones every 2 or 3 versions (not counting S’s and pro’s), I think they just do this to seem more innovative

  • Aah The App Store Im watching on the MRslow app I got it from the App Store

  • You skipped the iphone 6s plus

  • is it just me or did he not incude the iphone se gen 1

  • “Oh crap Arun, I wasn’t recording” - Cameraman

  • Who Else Got Recommended It In 2020?

  • Child: Mister? Whose the boss? The Mister: Not You! HA! this is hilarious

    • the W H A T

  • every Iphone ever?????? Sorry , but who is the idiot here?

    • Wdym?