[Hindi] PMPL South Asia Finals Day 3 | PUBG MOBILE Pro League S1

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 14 जून, 2020
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PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia FINALS Day 3 is here! Top 16 Squads from South Asia have made it here and will now battle it out for 3 DAYS to claim the top 3 slots and make it to the world league!
This is the ultimate challenge. Get ready to witness top tier PUBG Mobile action, Welcome to PMPL Finals!
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Match 1: Erangel
Match 2: Miramar
Match 3: Sanhok
Match 4: Vikendi
Match 5: Erangel
PMPL Finals Teams:

Orange Rock
TSM | Entity
Marcos Gaming
Umumba Esports
Team Tamilas
Team Xtreme

Winner: $ 40,000
Runner up: $ 20,000
Second runner up:$ 14,000

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  • 🏆PMPL SA FINALS Day-3 🔰Match-1 ( Erangel ) ✈️Match Begins- 45:04 🔫Top 5 Players- 1:18:30 🏅Overall Standings- 1:19:42 🔰Match-2 ( Miramar ) ✈️Match Begins- 1:35:11 🔫Top 5 Players- 2:11:09 🏅Overall Standings- 2:12:20 🔰Match-3 ( Sanhok ) ✈️Match Begins- 2:28:17 🔫Top 5 Players- 3:01:22 🏅Overall Standings- 3:02:14 🔰Match-4 ( Vikendi ) ✈️Match Begins- 3:17:29 🔫Top 5 Players- 3:56:29 🏅Overall Standings- 3:57:41 🔰Match-5 ( Erangel ) ✈️Match Begins- 4:17:23 🔫Top 5 Players- 4:47:47 🏅Overall Standings- 4:49:20 🏅Overall Standings- 4:52:38 🏆PMPL Overall Standing- 4:59:52 🔫PMPL Kills Leaders- 5:01:11 Celtz Champions- 4:56:11 Celtz Interview- 5:03:45 Celtz Performance- 5:05:18

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    • Muhammad Irfan $20,000 off course PMWL slot

    • Entity Ko kya mila

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  • How to take participation in these tournaments

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  • 45:1

  • Mast

  • Can anyone can tell me the name of sound track played in highlights

    • audiojungle.net/item/hip-hop-orchestra-modern-motivating/21121294

  • mrslow.info/zone/vhi-i/qcVkmauFnGqxvKE

  • Bhai pmpl ke music ka kya naam hai bata do it's awesome

    • Le Bhai 😤😖😖😖😖😖😖

    • audiojungle.net/item/hip-hop-orchestra-modern-motivating/21121294

  • Hi , i have probleme . Can u hlep me ? I need to change my country in my account but i can’t . Please help me

  • Koi muze royal pass dega pls

  • 4:23:55 fight devalape

  • East or west or is best

  • Soul fans here 👇

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  • Music name please

    • Le yaar Yaad rakh lio

    • audiojungle.net/item/hip-hop-orchestra-modern-motivating/21121294

  • Nic

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  • When puBg global puBg start

  • Meanwhile hydra hiding in corner doing live streams completely ignoring pmco😂😂😂😂

  • كلنا مع سيسي

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  • 3:45:22 see the kill feed vsg campers 😂😂😂😂😂😆

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  • Stop this game right away you are ruining our nations interest start only pubg pc lite which is not chinese goods

    • @Deepak Chauhan ofcourse go to border n fight instead of pubg

  • vsg campers lol 😂🤣😅

  • Mein chahta hu ki indian team pmwl mein mil k khele aur ladt circle mein against mein 😂😂😂

  • 1:11:50 vsg campers 😂😂😂🤣

  • 1 meter ki doori bnao what about social distancing

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  • scout kaha h

  • My team IND.love you

  • PH - Physically Handicapped 🤣

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  • Why scout didn't play?

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  • Place point kya he

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  • 4:55:28 Does anyone notice that Megastars player sitting on gaming chair have been playing on Ipad. Check it again 4:55:28.

  • Guys always remember xqf did not win the pec league or the pec finals (regional ) they came second both the times and in peacekeeper elite championship , o.n the world stage they proved it . I wish the same for tsm . Regional torphy acche hato me gayi , celtz proved and opened doors for a lot of upcoming underdogs , this was important , from soul and entity to celtz , now we know that this stage is for everyone to prove and anyone with a team can make their dreams come true


  • NARAYAN RAJ coming up with another SUPERCHAT :D :D

  • SOUL = LOL late late k ka haga

  • What a comeback form SOUL, you fans were right from day 1

  • SOUL 😂😂😂

  • A BIG THANKS TO SOUL for making me laugh in this tournament!!! :D

  • 5335038773 id

  • Teams qualified for pmwl and overall standings mrslow.info/zone/vhi-i/uc2KlryHn3Wqq6E

  • 3d animation and vfx center

  • Day 2 me uchal raha tha koi bhi team ko gali de raha tha unki fans..now karma hits back...anyway congo to celtz👿👿

  • chalo this time there was no SCOUT to blame iske vajah se panic kia iske vajah se co ordination nai betha sach yahi hia ash ronak ka close bohot kharab hai aur owais ka movement bohot lhatab hai improve karne ke jagah galti maney ki jagah logo ko shanyi chaiye dato to demotivate hone ka natak had hai

    • Bro exactly , scout Manta hun gali deta hai toxic be hai , par wo ek true sense me player be hai , jab be fnatic me kush accha performance diya hai , scout ne mara hai us match me . It makes me sad that franky jisse scout ne khud fnatic Bulaya , wo be unme se tha jo scout ke saath khelne Ko ready nahi the , aurum and Owais have lost their minds . Fnatic team tournaments jeetne ke liye Bani thi , not to bench one of the best player and then also fail to qualify . Bahut kharab Laga . But scout nahi khela na to man me yehi tha ke fnatic qualify he na kare to sahi hai . Wohi hua

  • I don't play pubg.. but I know why soul is losing.. It's simple this guy's never changed their strategy according to changing situation's of game..they are underestimating everyone They surely need to know that every 3rd guy in india has potential to play..and competition has increased.. they just focus to please their fans..instead of streaming.. they should adopt new strat according to changing needs of game.. the competition has increased so much that..only 0.027% are going to World league from india( out of indian players estimated 10 million).. these guys are like.. kedar jhadav from cricket..they need to know.. ab sabko game tactics pata hai.. saare log 4-5 finger claw use krte hai.. sabko spray aata hai.. SO FROM NOW ON ITS NOT EASY TO.... aur sbse pehle viper ko hata do squad se.. dosti k naate..they are loosing chances.. R.I.P

    • Thats the harsh truth.. that's why.. people left them.. to join other teams.. this guys are 1 year behind others..

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  • Mortal bhai tum carry ke layak hi ho..... Tumhara level gir chuka h

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  • I expected a big comeback by soul but maybe next time .all the teams selected play proudly there

  • Ocean Sharam just before 3rd match says : is map kis k naam pe jata 😅

  • Ah teu rame...aweuh soul 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mach_11-Viper__Boltehh😘🥰

  • Nub indian mortal....

  • Watch the highlights at my channel mrslow.info/label/PLURj_HQja2dZjGw0QiBNLRVjBWZBqfs9R.html

  • Scout q nhi khel rha hai

  • Owais mortal viper rega op team

    • Viper 😂

  • Gtxpreet ka proud student Hai team celtz ka saare players

    • Lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Scout 💪

  • Team xtreme is using esp as they spot the players so accurately

    • Lol 😂😂

  • No one talking about Seervi..? He clutched twice in same match.. The new clutch minister

    • Clutchminister Xypnx Hotel trivago

    • @Nikhil Sharma and for PH

    • Yeah lol this was a shame for celtz lol

    • Real Clutchgod

  • Am I the only one who knows inzidiuz not team insidious?

  • This will be the first time SOUL not going to represent India at World Stage...