Gharelu (Hindi Short film) - Home Maid secretly runs a YouTube Channel

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 12 जुलै, 2020
Laxmi is the cook for three bachelor's living in a humble Mumbai apartment. Unbeknowst to them, she is hiding a secret . Gharelu is an attempt to document the journey of a cook as she attempts to go beyond the status quo.
The Film was selected for the June edition of LiftOff: First-time filmmakers Sessions (Pinewood Studios, London).
Gharelu' (Homely) is a short film made by the media students of St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.
Directed by: Joseph Marvin Oliver
Co-Directed by: Suryansh Deo Srivastava
Production: Shloka Mehta, Darshana Tiwari, Aishwarya Bodke
Princy Parikh as Laxmi Didi (Instagram-
Arunan as Akshat
Pranay Checker as Manan
Allen Babu as Ron
Poster Art- Suryansh Deo Srivastava (Website-, toohmuch?hl=en)
Music -
Love Music, Love Food -Food Near Me :
Woods- Acoustic Folk :


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  • It's a wonderful story! Claps

  • Bahut achi story thi . Or didi ke liye so sad feel hua meko

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  • Beautiful. Wish everyone at a youtuber 's home would support the one who loves sharing the recipes. Wish I could get supported by my family too 😢. Hamesha poochthe hai, kya kar liya channel banake, kya kar liya video banake, kya paa liya. Khair...Jo khushi milthi hai apne video ke ek ek views aur ek ek likes ke, woh ye log kya jaane...😊


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  • I literally amazed the storyline. They tried to give us that we shouldn't be scared of pursuing our passion, how to be brave tells people around you about your passion. Do not be silent about what are you gonna do, we can also make some money out of it. we have to support the people around us with what they are passionate about. That's so valuable lesson that we might be whatever we want if we try hard enough.

  • Very nice story and its true. It happens.

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  • Really sweet concept. The writing and direction was also mature. The only problem I felt was the music and the last (gift) scene. I did not understood what the gift was and what it meant. Kinda spoiled the ending. Other than that, a really good short film.

  • Very natural acting. Good job.

  • Its is hard to see that she is making dishes for the boys but at the end of the day she is eating rice

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  • Gharelu didi is really a channel I found out today it has 805 subscriber

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  • Is this based on real story because I have searched for gharelu didi channel and it's there on you tube And also all the recepies are also there on that channel Makers Please reply.

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  • In my opinion short film are the future. New generation know what to do without any doubt. As a parent always wants this type of didi for our children 👍

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  • Writer of this story is very cleaver. End of this story is exactly what it should be. All four actors did very good job. All who are responsible for making this video did excellent work. I am with my friends expect more such work again and again

  • The girl's acting is so natural and spontaneous.. Wishing her all the best for all her future endeavours.

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  • ARKAN WIJDAN kls X IPS II Comment : she is a smart woman, she doesn't need to hide her gift, besidenthe boys also like her cook.

  • Good ya....nice to know there are some diff topics under film making like this

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  • Its really heart touching to me bcoz me too make art videos to teach students, our school administrations where I teach doesn't appreciate saying don't promote yourself but my students appreciate a lot 🙂🙂☺ I have to tell them don't let school administration know, but now they know it...... Thank you for making this video feeling good

  • Agr aap kisi gareeb ki help kr sakte ho to jarur kare.Sai apko humesha sukhi hi rakhenge.bhagwan ko kya doge jo mandiro ya masjido me chadhawa dete ho garibo ko do .agr dene layak bhagwan ne apko banaya hai to🙏

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  • i think, this film is very inspiring, we learn not to hesitate to develop the skills and passion we have, keep spirit and never give up.

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  • Everyone who wants to be great fights sometimes

  • I think, it's a good short movie. It tells us to follow our passion, and make our dream come true. dont be afraid about people said as long you can keep improving your skill/passion you can make people from mocking you to be proud of you

  • i think this short film is very inspiring, because she never give up to catch her hope to be a great cooking youtuber. we know she has a nice talent and want to make kind a video on youtube about cooking, although there is always something want to stop her, but but she keep continued to move forward without any doubt.

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  • Gharelu didi is brave enough to defend herself

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  • This video uploaded 3 month ago but that maharani milk shake video uploaded 7 month ago on you tube What is that mean😑😑😑

  • The video really inspires people, that we should never be afraid to try anything and never give up on finding the talent of each of us.

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