GAL KARKE - Asees Kaur | Siddharth Nigam | Anushka Sen | Babbu| Anshul Garg | Latest Punjabi Song

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 1 ऑक्टोबर, 2019
Anshul Garg Presents Gal Karke by Asees Kaur Ft. Siddharth Nigam and Anushka Sen.
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Originally sung by Inder Chahal 👇🏼
Singer: Asees Kaur.
Music: Rajat Nagpal
Lyrics: Babbu
Guitars: Sunny Arora
Actors: Siddharth Nigam & Anuskha Sen
Mixed & Mastered by Abhishek Kaushik at BeatSpot
Produced By: Anshul Garg
Special Thanks: Raghav Sharma
Video Director - GURINDER BAWA
Editor - Gaurav K Mehra
Dop - Shinda Singh
Di - Onkar Singh
VFX - Prathmesh Chwakekar
Digital Marketing: Prateek Jain
Distribution: Piyush Chandak
#AseesKaur #SiddharthNigam #AnushkaSen


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  • Youngest person to have 300 m views on its mv is riyaz. Maybe people are saying that youngest actor to have 300 m views is siddhartha okay then, youngest person to do this work is riyaz. And we should be proud That he is not even an actor and is younger than siddhartha still has more views on his song.

    • First of all riyaz is nkt even an indian, he is bhutani! So, siddharth only is the youngest indian to have 300 million on a mv! Secondly, that superstar song was promoted by mo-vlogs due to which the difference between gal karke & that song decreased, it was 10m back from gal karke.

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  • IF there will be officially remake of Oru adaar love movie in Bollywood then Siddharth is the only choice for the lead role.. But Noorin Shereef is irreplaceable.

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