గంగవ్వ ఎక్కడున్న చుపిస్తదా? | AirTag Unboxing and Reaction | My Village Show vlogs

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 3 मे, 2021
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  • Srikanth Raju chadu anji best in mvs

  • Do vlogs on your favourite books or books that inspired,influenced a lot.....

  • Hi Srikanth, It will work wherever it is without your iPhone near to the AirTag. It will use nearby APPLE DEVICES and gain the network access. And you can see where exactly it is. Example if you lost your Airtag in airport and came to home, now you can see the exact location of airTag , It will depends on nearby devices to get online. Hope it helps you. 😊

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  • I think this channel was more creative and native in its work, nowadays they just do promotions nothing more but in this race they have lost their purpose of actual work from which they started channel 🙏

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  • I have unsubscribed MVS recently. I am not liking the videos which thay did recently. Please come up with new concepts instead of vlogs, tours and cooking.

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  • Love you so much Sonu Sood sir many heroes are there but no one bothered about us this heroes are there just for acting that’s all they are not real heroes you are real hero you helped us Thank you so much sir .This people are crazy just they say heroes based upon on appearance but inner they won’t see no one atleast one hero also didn’t respond .They are feeling like we are getting income by doing movies ,we are rich why should be bother about other they are not real heroes at all not at all .If people once stop seeing movies then they will understand audience that is people are main in there success but what they are doing .Hero means who help us in problems ,entertain us and be friendly and say I am there no worry is the real hero.In my point no one can just be hero for me if he is doing acting.if any quality miss in this three he is not at all a hero he is a zero I am keeping here because I want to share my opinion love you so much Sonu Sood sir u helped us so much

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