रोजी प्रकाशित केले 17 ऑक्टोबर, 2020
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  • ❣❣❣❣❣❣😌

  • What is shaynes youtube channel bro

  • We want to see Swaran more

  • What is the name of music in backgrund

  • 8:25 sonam paji tuborg pi rhe hey.

  • I also look the same way left and right while crossing a railway track 😅😜

  • that shooting is for KGF2

  • What kind of glasses are those?

  • Ram ram nikhil bhau

  • Good vlog

  • Yee dhuwa koi hil bill ka nhi to hookah ka hai

  • Jr. Nikal...kab aaa raha hai😝

  • Apna future salman khan agaya 😂😂

  • I got audi ad in this video

  • Ha ha ha ha kahannn heeeee kahannnn he..

  • she is not wearing seatbelt

  • Japan reaction mrslow.info/zone/vhi-i/25eHzc95maRwmJk

  • Wasim is so carrying and sweet to nikhil

  • H

  • mrslow.info/zone/vhi-i/rK1j3L2HY6Wo25U

  • U shldnt share ppl.drinking liqueur 08:47.

  • Plz

  • Nikhil bhai ek batadu kabhi bhi dadhi or muche mat nikalna

  • 10:14 if you love SRK and want to see him in a volg

  • Soran paji is legend who wanted to go to casino

  • 10:15 That laughter😂😂

  • So far so good bro 👍🏻👍🏻

  • What is the name of these music plz tel

  • Washim t-shirt logo like free fire game arena logo

  • Hot video dekne ke lye hmara चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करे❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • dnt call u a motovolloger, motovologer is only junaid bhai in ur vlog its like sas bahu, irrelevant stuff, no lesson, just random talking and bullshit

  • You should do lsd otherwise you will splatter like a rain droplet.

  • bro ya music k naam kya ha ..?

  • 5:30 that's utorda beach....my village 🥺.....near railway is my house.......I wish I was der that time 🥺

  • Bhai पटरी Cross से याद आया कभी ट्रेन मे ट्रैवल करना है भाई 😊

  • which tune in background while video starting

  • Swaran pajji ka phone ka back cover ❤️ link ho kisi ke paas toh doo

  • Literally the 1% people who reading this comment😘😘 may your parents live long and always having smile on face 💕😍💕😍😍💕😍💕😍💕😍💕😍💕

  • .

  • nikhil bhai, what is the name of that sunset waala beach?

  • This cafe is in british style. Special thing about it order taken by the owner of the cafe not by the waiter. It is in fontainhas where all the houses are colourful its a beautiful place to go.

  • 10:15 srk are you there????🤔🤔🤔

  • Fake views or worst loyal fan base. only 3k comments and 900k views.

    • It's not important that everyone should comment. And why r u seeing only the comments ? Like are pretty much according to 900k views.

  • Quote in the beginning of the videos....r too good and inspiring. Thanks brother god bless you brother.

  • Missing shobhit bro 🤜

  • Mtlb kch v vlogs me 👎

  • nikhil bhai dil chahta hai ka scene aguada fort meh hua tha goa meh hi hai must go kafi aacha view hai vahan se love you all i had sub you since ou had 4k subs love you

  • Give a like who notice shiance used shampoo to washed their hands rather than hanwash😂

  • scam 1992 theme songg

  • We want to hear suran paji nikhil what he was telling abt his son

  • His content is getting boring day by day based on future which is his personal issue I was regular watcher of your video but now I have left

  • Jyaada se jyaada 5 saal aur jeyega woh mota Sardar..... mark my words....uske baad..... Adios amigos!!!

  • Nikhil bhai plz change your phone cover plz

  • Nikhil bhaiya...I am very happy ki apne gadi leli ....but mujhe apke wahi vlog achhe lagte hai....jisnme app bike pe hote hai....I don't know ki meri kabhi yeh baat mention hogi ya nai.......but bhaiya ❤️.....

  • 10:14 sharukh khan in little fast mode😂😂😂

  • *9:05** sooran paji ka pura clip kyu ni dala* The nation wants to know😂❤️🙏

    • Aab ye dekhne ke baad ye b realise hua...ki kya hi fumble kia ha sooran paji😂

  • Blog intro sound ....Very nice

  • Which music is this??

  • 10:44 to 11:11 it was me waiter

  • bhai bachpan mein jo suna woh theek but yrr train ki patri par left aur right kyu dekhne ka train toh ek he side se ayegi na 😂

  • Nikhil bhai Corona test required to enter in the goa??

  • Mai fas gya tha goa m 2 din starting lockdown m

  • Nikhil bhai pls batao background music ka naam kya hai

  • Nikhil look so good in those glasses.

  • U think u both are like salman & katrina??😂😂😂 pehele bandhi ko bolo wajan gataye🤣 #vikvoss

  • why its showing SUBSCRIBE where as it should be SUBSCRIBED...WHY??????

  • 6:06. Literally , what a coincidence....same time pe ...mere yaha bhi machhar marne wala dhua mar rahe the....same time😂😂😂

  • wah bohot bada kaam kiya

  • mrslow.info/zone/vhi-i/zNyGx7CjYniOq2I

  • Aur guys dance kaisa laga

  • Who all loved today's background music very much, also tell me the name of song

  • mustang gt wass bettterrr optionn

  • Music name batado guy's plzz😭😭

  • Sir I’m watching your videos when you have less than lac subscribers but now a days I didn’t get any interesting content what you showing because only you are busy in your group and talking about them and their problems may be you are right at own but we need some interesting videos like you are in Goa now but only I see your group conversation in every video at least you can show some fact and tips about goa and I knew you did various time before but again you can put some more effort about interesting things. I also interested in your group and fun but not every time which you are showing only these things. Don’t mind if my words hurt you I just told which is in my mind Love uhh bhai❤️

  • Sawran paji is the owner of the flat in which you are staying???

  • Bhai ek vlog mai please please purana wala intro song lagao na......we miss it as helll!!!!!!!! . . . . . Luv from aurangabad, Maharashtra.

  • Kahan hain Sonal paaji , Kahan hain, kahan hain Was epic😂😂😂😜😜😜

  • Please tell background music please

  • What you will do if you got an invitation from Bigboss???? 😁😁😁

  • Don't buy mivi products please

  • Even Nikhil can't get over the Scam 1992 bgm😁👍

  • I like it 👌🏻

  • Inspiration for me Nikhil sir❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • you look like shahid kapoor boss😎.

  • name of baground music please?

  • TUBORG Strong 🍺😍

  • What is the music name inside vlog , I love it ❤️

  • 5:35 it's KGF chapter 2 ka movie shoot

  • Nice bro nice entertainment #thebongearth

  • Jhadu aisa kon marta hai 😂

  • Big boss ki maa ki ch.....d😕

  • Vasim bhai ka Naruto wala t-shirts ❤️ ek no

  • Mouth tune you played was from movie veraana

  • Nikhil this is very bad have some antiques!! Swaran paji ko bolne to dete yaar !! And kisi ki suna bhi kia kro bhaii. Hmesha apni baat hi phle ku bolni hoti hai tumko. Fir tumne unka part bhi kaat dia. This is bad , i never expected this from u good boy. U inspired me everytime but kuch esa lgega to as a viewer mai bolunga bhii.

  • Nikhil Bhai Kaju Fenny Nahi le rahe ho 😂

  • Ur quality of vlog is decreasing I don't know why but I m seeing ur video since 1 yr but now we are bored. In vlog u r not showing outside things it's all u are speaking n we are listening

  • Vasim is such a great personality, kind hearted and caring dude. That's why i love whenever vasim apper in vlog

  • You look good in beard 😉

  • The place you visited in the vlog is the place where SANAM's songs : Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar Ke Charche and Tarif Karoon were shot ...... Nice I m a fan of u and Sanam .....

  • Can anyone tell me the background song name?