DIVINE - Jungle Mantra Feat. Vince Staples & Pusha T | The White Tiger (Prod. by Karan Kanchan)

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 14 जानेवारी, 2021
“The White Tiger” Out On Netflix globally January 22!
Download & Stream: mai.lnk.to/jungle
Audio Credits:
Track - Jungle Mantra
Artist - DIVINE, Vince Staples, Pusha T
Lyrics - DIVINE, Vince Staples, Pusha T
Music - Karan Kanchan
Mixing - Hanish Taneja
Mastering - Luca Pretolesi
Video Produced By: Mass Appeal India
DIVINE: Vivianakadivine
Vince Staples: vincestaples
Pusha T: kingpush
Netflix Film: netflixfilm
Mass Appeal India: massappealindia
Gully Gang: gullygangindia


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  • This song was absolute 🔥. But I thought that divine, with his ending verse, could have silenced the beat and finished it off like nas in one of his best songs-“Made You Look”

  • [Verse: 1] In the summer day You'll see the hay Then you must, have to walk on the way [Pre-chorus] When I'll help you on the bay You'll be don't fay You'll ask me and I've to say Yeah Yeah Yeah [Chorus] I'm One New Modeler (One New Modeler) I'm One New Modeler (One New Modeler) Oh yeah Oh yeah [Verse: 2] My around and around Up and down You'll listen my sound In your town [Pre-chorus] And I'll be found Me on your ground Cause I'm wearing crown right now Yeah Yeah Yeah [Chorus] I'm One New Modeler (One New Modeler) I'm One New Modeler (One New Modeler) Oh yeah Oh yeah

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  • I have literally no Idea what this man is saying, but I know it's BARS.

  • And 1 thing.... this song deserves a video which can go with this concept.....make it....cs this song is not for its own time.....its gonna shoot in future ...

  • One line was the final piece of my puzzle that I was trying to solve... thank you ❤️ You deserve something for that... Go for your mission.... We gana meet after 5 years.. I will be waiting for that day.. Thank you ❤️

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