Date With Your Opposite Ft. Twarita Nagar, Sameer | Hasley India

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 25 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
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What If you go on a date with someone who is opposite of you but you still like that person!
Watch how twarita's date change her perspective about men.

Kya pyaar ka mausam iss date ko suhana bana payenga?
Dekhiye Hasley india ki nayi peshkash - When you date your opposite!

Channel Head: Ankit Madaan
Twarita Nagar
Sameer Monga
Directed by:
Shubham Bajpai
Assistant Director
Shivang Bhatnagar
Script Writer:
Sumit Nagaria
Priyanshu Vats
Assistant DOP:
Rahul Saxena
Post Production Head:
Rohit Chadha
Associate Editor:
Jatin Madan
Line Producer:
Kamal Nindavatya
Jatin Gupta
Vijay Kumar
Social Media:
Mayank Mishra
Light Squad
Cafe Location: Mitron Cafe, Dwarka


  • TRUTH : Waiter has better acting and role than other two.

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  • Bhai dating apps to chod do teenagers tum logon ko to aas pass b mil jayenge ,dating app hum jese akele logon k liye chod do jo Umar k us padaav pr hain jo sirf requirement me Ladki ho chahiye bas ye date hain.

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  • Many girls are beautiful until they open their mouth God why the hell u bless such pretty faces with chuski type voice

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  • This is so unrealistic. If a guy screws up this much on first date. No ways in hell the chick is interested.

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