Chithi 2 | Special Episode Part - 1 | Ep.137 & 138 | 27 Oct | Sun TV | Tamil Serial

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 28 ऑक्टोबर, 2020
Watch the latest episode from the Special Episode of the popular mega serial Chithi 2, that airs on Sun TV.
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The classic mega serial ‘Chithi’ that resonated with each and everyone in the household, more than a decade ago, is back. Chithi 2, is a whole new story., about yet another ‘Chithi’, our kind-hearted and brave-spirited Saradha. Her portrayal of love, forgiveness, sacrifice, fierceness, and perseverance towards her family, through the thick and thin of life, makes one believe in the power of family. Watch and travel along with Saradha’s offbeat family.
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    • 000

    • It would be better if the eldest daughter in law just speaks in Tamil. It doesn’t sound great when she speaks that way. Sun tv could u pls give this comment and suggestion for this serial

  • Appada counter superrr😄😂😍

  • Chithi your daughter is yazihini

  • Dharma ivaroda ponnu venba ivaru kooda seranumam.. ana yazhini sharatha kooda sera koodathaam

  • Yazhini kku handsoma oru hero podugga

  • Yazhini fav

  • Y deepa kannada sollung...

  • Varma natri ketta നായ

  • Saradha mdm pawam 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Nadhaniya pka,kadopa irku 😖😖

  • Ellaraiyum காலை le ivanga Veetuku koopita, avanga veetu le yaaru poojai pannuva

  • செம்ம சூப்பார் சீரியல் வெற லெவல்

  • செம்ம சூப்பார் சீரியல் வெற லெவல்

  • Neat 😘😘

  • வெண்பா குள்ள நரி

  • Miss kavin vemba

  • Now a days Ravi sir performance superb. Missing Venba Kavin combination scence. Waiting to see new hero character for Yahlini.

  • Kavin venba va luv panradu thapilla. But yazhini ah vachi game adradhu dha thappu. Oruthara namba vachi emathradu isnt good. Concept sari illa

  • I like yalini

  • RADHIKAA mam, it's my suggestion that Pls inform VENBA to accept KAVIN's love bec he loves her,

  • I'm Glad to write a comments I'm not interested to watch any serials, but I don't know how I got interested CHITI 2 its amazing story. I'm watching especially for KAVIN & VENBA cute couple,I'm watching from MRslow channel again and again.thank you RADIKAA mam

  • My opinion. Roja fans and chithi fans don't scold me. Roja serial arjun yazhiniku paira pota nala irkum. Just oru imagination Sone. It won't happen. Who thinks that pair works out.

  • Super couples kavin venba

  • who all like Radharavi acting

  • Nanthiny very beautiful

  • SHARADHA loves his daughter yalini super good

  • 9:52 anybody noticed that nandhini voice is like nithyaram (ganga & nandhini ) voice from nandhini serial

  • Kavin and venba super jodhi

  • Dharma is worst

  • Chithi 2 fans ❤❤❤❤

  • They both luv thts ok but hv to honest he shld hv told her atleast abt Diana & asked to give time he is not ready if he wants to protect venba even venba in the temple wht she did together with Kavin it’s really not fair tht poor girl suffered so much to do this poojai got sharadha here to do they jst swapped the lamp & changing thali taking blessings together with her why need to do all these

  • Valartha paasam konjam kooda illaya dharmaku yazhini mela

  • Serialai ungal nadaiyil kondu sella vendum . Kevalamana storyline . Aruvaiyaga irukiradhu .

  • Pavam yazhini ka

  • I dont know what this serial guys are thinking supporting these types of attitudes Everybody deserves the person they love if kavin wants venba and venba wants him let them become a couple But kavin giving false hope to yazhini ultimately wrong

  • Love you yazlini ❤️❤️💋💋💋💋

  • Very cheap story. Not at all like typical Radhika's story !!

  • Anbu and Nandhini pair super ❤️👌👌


  • Love cheyunavar thammilanu onikendath so kavin venba onnikanam yazhinik new pair venam

  • Very nice 👍❤️serial best serial more then Vijay tv zeetv ❤️❤️❤️all ways best

  • Adhu epdi da ...ennadhan petha ponna irundhalum..valartha ponnu Mela vacha paasatha thookki eriyuringa. .goyyyala

  • next eppisode load pannuga

  • Tharma sir feeling super

  • Late updates

  • யாழினி dress சூப்பர்.... அம்மா பொண்ணு பாசம் வேற லெவல்....

  • Yazhini better than venba both Kavin and venba cheating yazhini hate kavin and venba better bring new hero for yazhini

  • Don't touch the nose frequently it is not nice


  • Pls unit venbha to their parents. Eager to see venbha with their parents calling appa amma. Don't make her lonely. Eager to see gauri seeing her own daughter too. Dharmas eager to get his daughter's love.Eagerly waiting to watch our cute venbha's smartness.

  • What is the real name of Yazhini ???

  • சாரதாவும் யாழினியும் 👃 ஸ்டைல் செய்வதை இத்தனை நாட்கள் எப்படி மறந்தார்கள்😲😲


  • தர்மா குழந்தைகளை மாற்றியது நீங்கள் தானே. எதற்கு கௌரியிடம் சொல்லி சொல்ல வேண்டும். நீங்களே நேரடியாக சொல்லலாமே. 😲😲

  • தர்மாவுக்கு சகுனி குணம்.. மல்லிகாவுக்கு சாணக்ய குணம். 😲😲

  • Agathin Alagu Mugathil Teriyum nu Soldrathu 100% Poi!!!!.. Nanthini Mugam Alagu!! But Agam 10000000% BAD!!!!!!!! 😒😒

  • நந்தினி. மல்லிகா உனக்கு அக்கா அவளுடன் கூட்டணி வைத்து சமாளித்து ஒத்து போக முடியும் என்று நினைக்கிறாயா. 😀😀

  • Chithi. 29.10 26.10.20octber

  • சண்முகம் வண்டி கழுவி அட்வைஸ் விளக்கம் காமெடி சூப்பர்👌👌😀😀 இப்போதெல்லாம் சண்முகம் நல்லாவே காமெடி பண்றார். 🤣🤣

  • Anyone can tell me.. Which App easy to download video???? Last time I use this APP.. But nowadays.. I can't download.. Pls anyone help me!! 🙏🙏💜💜

  • நந்தினி மாறுவது மனம். நீயும் மாறுவாய்😲😲

  • நந்தினி அழகு சூப்பர்👌👌 நந்தினியின் மனசு வாடா வா 😀😀

  • சாரதாவின் நிலை மிகவும் கொடுமை. 🙄🙄

  • The

  • Yalini dress super nu soldravanga oru like 👇

  • Deepa so cute

  • Ic

  • Kavin Venba best couple. Sarada promise Yazini Kavin marriage. When she comes to know of the truth of V n V marriage, what will happen? Throw Venba out to keep her promise to Yazini.

    • No she would not. See the second part, she will accept the boy Venba loves, so she will bring Kavin and Venba together.

  • Why Nilalgal Ravi copies Rajani, be your original you.

  • Valarthe paasam kude illame poirumaa...🤦🏻‍♀so bad

  • I love this character of Deepa she has done the best she is a great actress love to you Deepa

  • Goluudan story travel panrathu paakkave supera erukku Ravi sir lootti super avarukkum niraya diolouge vanthal nallaerukkum arumaiyana actor Priya from Kerala

  • Yazhini is good but pavam

  • I am from Andhra Pradesh big fan of this serial ❤️❤️❤️

  • 👌👌👌👌💕💕💕💕💕💕👫

  • Super serial venba kavin super pair

  • Yes today episode loo mamayyaa garuu super

  • Deep sister mi telugu mataluu💟💟💟💟💟💟

  • Deepa garuu Iam big fan

  • Dharma ne panna thirutu velaiku , yalini venba enna panuvanga, gowri epdi thannoda ponnu valartha yaliya epdi thorathuvanga, chi worst dharma

  • Semma 👌

  • Deepa dress 👌,nilgal Ravi acting nice

  • Yalini rompa pavam kavin game vilaiyadaraan but sithi seriala yalini Very very beautiful

  • My support yalini

  • Yazhini pavam she is cry😣😥😓😭😭😢😢😭😢😭😢😰

  • Nanthy onnum pannamutysthu un aththsiye

  • Nandhini younala saratha madam ma onnum painna mudiyathu

  • I like

  • Sanmugam comedy vera level .. Deepa Telugu nice...anbu kalai cute....

  • Yazhini deepa nandhini saradha malliga sevvandhi all are gorgeous

  • Shanmugam super comedy

  • I feel pity for yazhini .this Kavin and venba character is too selfish.

    • Sola pona yazhini than selfish than asa pattathu kedaikkanum nu iruka athuku kavin venba enna pana mudium first yazhini kavin manasula yaru iruka nu therinchukitu irukanum atha vitutu than manasula yaru kathala valatha sona IPO kuda venba kavin ah vitu kodukka ready ah iruka aana yazhini apdi illa thanoda santhaosatha mattum than pakura yazhini than selfish, yazhini ah Vida venba than paavam venba than best

    • Yeah very much true. Alas there are few people who love good girl like yaalini. Majority love nasty pair kavin and venba. This is kalyug. That's why

  • Yaalzini romba alahu

  • Sanmuham super comedy🤣😂🤣😂

  • serial telecast panratuku munadiyee konjam utube la video uplode panungaa

  • Mallika ni nallavalo ketavalo athalam vita ni un pullaiyakaluku nallavala iruka spr

  • Sanmugam sir acting vera 11... 😍

  • Waw ye sireal me all ladies superb

  • K

  • கவின் யாழினிக்கிட்ட உண்மைய சொல்லிடு, யாழினி சாக்குல உனக்கு வெண்பாவ பார்க்கனும்