Apple Watch Series 6 Review: It's Bait!

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 2 ऑक्टोबर, 2020
#Protip: You probably don't need to buy this one.
That shirt!
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Watch provided by Apple for review.


  • I have a gen zero Apple Watch

  • The O2 sensor might be useful to take overnight readings while you sleep. That is something that most home finger meters cannot do. I'll see when I get mine.

  • This is how Marques discovered he sleep walked

  • Amazing review.

  • alr people help me out i got money from work and i’m wanting to upgrade my series 3 what do i do

  • My phone has the blood oxygen sensor. I was wondering why i had to put my fingure in a specific spot

  • Ooooook, maybe I need an upgrade now, still have the 2 series 🤷‍♀️🤣 ... sharing with my stubborn friends too.

  • Doesnt the SE have th S5 chip??

  • good work marques

  • When did we get to the need of requiring to know our oxygen blood readings and sleep timings?

  • I like the three COVID-19 waves T-shirt he is wearing. MKBHD always predicting the future.

  • Where’s the SE review? Tf

  • mmhh

  • Intro music, repeated, last time in the oneplus 7 pro review

  • Thanks for this Amazing Review.

  • thank you for the honest review

  • “Great efficiency to last all day” My gf you should buy it.

  • People buying a 500 dollar watch for stupid sensors are idiots. Me: buying it because it looks cool and it goes with my iphone 12pro

  • Marques, can you do iwatch SE video.?

  • What’s the color of the solo band you’re using for this video? looks great with product red

  • But Marques, maybe you sleep walk?

  • I newly bought series 6 and 5 apple watch it had iCloud activation lock it and when I searched here on MRslow, i found anorldhackandspy on 1nstagram. I consulted him on Instagram and he helped me to unlock the watch. He's an expert and trustworthy

  • I got the black one

  • I have a gen zero Apple Watch

  • Apple Watch: “So, you’ve been sleepwalking for about 2 weeks now”

  • Hey , maybe you are sleepwalking..Just record yourself sleeping!dare you watch that next morning! :)

  • Got an Aw6 s my first apple watch, so far so good. The bigger surprise was getting an AW3 for my sister as a gift, and that basically does all the relevant stuff: apple pay, sleep tracking, ability to have phone calls on it, etc etc. I just wanted the AOD and couldn’t find a very good deal for the AW5.

  • Yeah man I literally wearing series 1 now but I just order the 6

  • Marques: I did everything with it, slept with it.. On.

  • 5:35 I think I just broke my laptop. I WAS DRINKING!!!

  • Which metal do you have on your personal watch?? I'm torn between ally and stainless however; i prefer the matte finish of the ally.

  • From anyone watching this video from today and onwards (24 November), the battery is really good This is my first ever Apple Watch, and I wear it to sleep. Before getting it, I was confused about when I would charge it if I was gonna use the sleep stuff. But I can tell any curious peoples, I only lost 20% battery overnight, and I just pop it on the charging pad at 30-odd percent when I wake up in the morning, and it’s at 100% within the hour when I leave for school. I don’t think the variations change this sort of thing - they shouldn’t - but I have the titanium one 👍 Oh and throughout the day I use it a bit, mostly Activity and stuff, and by the time I’m going to sleep it’s at around 50-60%

  • I bought the new Apple Watch just for the new blood oxygen, just to find out you have to be 18

  • Costco currently has them for $379 (44m) thinking about getting one since I've been wanting an apple watch. SE is only like $100 cheaper. Series 5 is like $50 cheaper from most places I see. So is it worth picking up at that price?

  • Hey, as being EMF sensitive, I heard that apple watch can make wrists hurt and make it numb. I'm thinking of getting withings scanwatch because it's cool and less radiation. Thoughts?

  • My Apple Watch Series 6 went from 100% to 94% after 8 hours of sleep tracking no complaints from me.

  • 5:23 he was so deadpan delivering that joke i cracked the fuck up; never laughed at an MKBHD video before

  • Amazing video but...... Whenever someone says techtember or something like that it makes me want to slam a MacBook on the floor and take a spoon and stab the screen and rip out the insides and stuff my iPhone inside and throw it all in water. :) but cool vid :)

  • What about the SE? Is it worth the buy, or should I just shell out a bit of extra cash to get those extra features? @marquesbrownlee

  • What happened to your hand?

  • I own the original Apple watch and this is gonna be a big step up for me. I'm hooked already and I was really just looking for longer battery life. All the other stuff is gravy for me. I'm a EMT so I have a really good oximeter already. I rarely use the pulse check, because it drained the battery of the watch, but it's one of those nice to have features. As for sleeping with the watch on I would have to get used to that. Thanks for the info.

  • I’ll keep my S4! Thanks for the review.

  • Seems like an extremely biased and uncritical review by an apple fanboy tbh

  • You should've gotten a validated home pulse oximeter to compare the Apple Watch to - come on Marques let's show some data!

  • Are you exposing it to water? Shower or Waterbar with him?

  • Great review

  • Now that you have the ALWAYS ON DISPLAY, have you turned off "Lift to wake up" - the level gesture?

  • Wow you are an amazing person! Well done for your sincerity and professionalism. I'm happy to be a part of the channel!

  • i dont know about you,but i sleep lying down

  • your simple point at 1:20 changed my entire perspective at reviewing tech!

  • I bought the SE and I changed my mind bc I didn't need cellular so I decided to get the series 6 GPS and its better. I do actually like the always on and the battery life and charging is better !

  • Go buy a normal g shock. The money you save ,buy an iPad or better Mac book

  • Is the silent alarm tapping available on the SE version too or just the 6 series?

  • How do you charge it if you wear it in your sleep?

  • I sent my aluminium Apple Watch series 4 back as the section touching my skin started to get pitted.( Had the same problem many years ago with alloy watches that had a Crome coating which my skin would get pitted the material would be destroyed so have always bought stainless) They gave me another (no issues at all) even though I had the i watch for a year and a half (Australia has a minimum of two year warranty through Consumer Law). I gave the refurbished watch to my wife (it looks new to me)and ordered the titanium Series 6. This is the reason I always come back to Apple you have a problem they fix it. Be nice and understanding and they will do their best to help you.

  • I don’t think I’ll ever get another Apple Watch. I got the 5 last year. It’s great for working out, looking at notifications other than pulling out your phone every time. Best feature for me is the alarm. I might get another one in the future only because it will be an impulse buy

  • How does Spotify work on it now? I know it wasn’t the best in the past but does it work remotely now?

  • I have had 0 issues with the blood o2... never read below 97%...

  • I upgraded from the series 4 to the 6 and I’m honestly glad I did

  • Is it a good watch to start off with?

  • I just got given an Apple Watch 6 this week. My iPhone 7 Plus battery just lost an hour of use. Was getting 5.5hrs on a charge, now 4.5 max. Any suggestions? I'm on iOS14.2

  • Techtober is now over eeeeeew l like that rhyme

  • Lol, in the middle of this video, I had 2 ads back to back. One was Verizon telling me they are better than T-Mobile and the other one was T-Mobile telling me they are better than Verizon!😂

  • Those solo loop bands are also compatible with older models (have one for my larger S3 and one for my gf’s smaller S3)

  • Maybe i will just buy the SE version

  • Thank You for pointing out the finger probe aspect. people keep trying to take their O2 from their wrist.... it's not where you measure O2.

  • My apple watch6 and icloud was unlocked by *spoofer_hacks on IG* I recommend him

  • My apple watch6 and icloud was unlocked by *spoofer_hacks on IG* I recommend him

  • Guys! Series 6 sucks in battery life,compatibility with app, and the sleep records dont record accurate if we wake in between sleep. I bought galxy watch 3 and never gonna use the series 6 which my brother uses and the the features,looks, measurements ,the cutomisation and health app, durability is f word goood. Series 6 is just the series 5 with adding sp02 monitor like on watch 3

  • so this isn't waterproof? I thought you could use it for swim?

  • Just ordered my first Apple Watch! Excited high key 🔑

  • What's the brand of the charging stand at 0:49 ?

  • MRslow is getting really comfortable with these double ads

    • Wow he’s slept with the watch. Scandalous

  • Is it resistant to salt water?

  • I came from the Apple Watch 0

  • DAFT PUNK! Let’s go

  • Maybe you sleep walk my dude.

  • Sleep standing 😂

  • Marques after 1 week of marriage: “So I’ve been trying this wife for about a week now”

  • Dude, you might be a sleepwalker.

  • apple watch se 44mm GPS with a black sports band has been on sale for $259 on amazon, walmart and you can price match in best buy like I did. has almost the same specs as the apple watch 6. I think the only things not present are the ekg and blood oxygen app, and no always on display which is slightly larger. se only comes in aluminum finish, which is fine. and the series 6 has a generation higher processor and heart sensor, that's it. It's a lot less than the series 6 price, paid about $275 total with tax for mine. the same size apple watch in the series 6 line is about $455 total with tax.

  • No, I upgrade every damn year. Both the IPhone and also Samsung.

  • Is this the 40mm or 44mm?

  • I’m going to buy one for my mom for Christmas. She just recently switched over to Apple

  • nobody: MKBHD: so I’ve been testing the cure to cancer for a couple of years now

  • "I don't know about you, but I sleep lying down." Sweet innocent Marques before he found out about his sleepwalks to paint random buildings matte black.

  • Well, I don't know about you but I sleep lying down 🌚

  • Thank you so much for an excellent review. Such clear, helpful information and comments - the best video I've seen so far and is helping me make my decision. 😊

  • I hate your ads

  • Someone did some really good stitch work.

  • Good video! ✌️

  • Thanks - I guess I'll stick with my garmin

  • Is anyone familiar if the ‘tap awake’ feature is also a feature of the Apple Watch SE?

  • Did anyone else get the cardieo ad? They are saying the Apple Watch is not worth it. And comparing it is illegal unless apple agreed which I don’t think they did tbh. Might just be me tho but idk...

  • I heard the 6 now offers stand-alone cell phone service. No phone needed. Isn't that a significant upgrade? Anybody know the deets on that?

  • “Convenient for the holidays” 🥺 I am suddenly reminded that I have no one but my dog

  • I will buy an apple watch the day they offer a round body, till then, ill keep using my trusty tissot quartz watch that literaly just tells the time.

  • you talked about the charging, i heard apple is suppose to come out with Air Charging, im sure you heard of that, When is that coming out?

  • 8:46 - HOW did they screw that up dude?! It had an S-FIVE chip, NOT an S6! COME ON MAN!🤦🏾‍♂️

  • I should have kept my series 4 ss I’m using my galaxy watch 46mm till I’m bothered to order a series 6