13 PAINFUL Smartphone Fails we’ll never forget.

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 10 मार्च, 2020
My Top 13 most miserable Smartphone fails of all time(Episode 2), from the Essential GEM Smartphone, to the Foldable phones of last year! Go to Surfshark.deals/boss - Enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 1 extra month free!
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  • iPhone also fail

  • So much nagging but never once does he mention the exploding galaxy note 7..... That's a mega fail since they had to recall them all. Lol these were danger hazards the phone was not even allowed on airplanes and caused several house fires.

  • The nutty need arthroscopically complain because supply histologically end inside a valuable relation. striped, unruly debtor

  • how did i miss the news that the creator of android was also running a sex ring? a dishonorable man that used his position of power to take advantage of those in less fortunate positions to satisfy his animal instincts... and google paid him 90m as a farewell gift for it smh. was this not a big news or are there too much chaos nowadays that nothing really sticks out in my memory. wonder if 2021 will be better

  • Mrwhoseboss: It only has 64GB of storage. Me: *Laughs in 16 GB*

  • Energizer wouldn't have been a fail if they endorsed it to the correct market. That phone isn't for the common masses.

  • The Flexpai wasn't the first foldable phone "Laughs in iPhone 6"

  • I’m surprised I haven’t heard you talk about the digital camera Samsung released that had a touch screen, WiFi access, and apps like a phone.

  • Bitcoin hit a record high today reaching $19,864, breaking its previous record from Dec. 2017. mrslow.info/zone/vhi-i/3LCIm9aGcmWQmKU

  • Me watching on a pixel 4 👁👄👁

  • True fail on the g5 I have one and didn't even know about this feature

  • Fortunately, the google pixel 4a was at least good.

  • 3:53 I can't be the only 1 who caught the cheeky "sym"

  • Wait, why is the background music the same as the Overshare podcast theme hosted by Joslyn Davis and Lily Marston?

  • Who is the most underrated genius? (Besides Dream of course)

  • Blackberry was booming until apple and Samsung came in with touchscreens lmao

  • that bb z10 actually looked like one hell of a snack ngl, pretty smooth imo, at least it looked like it

  • This man is really handsome! ❤

  • 16:27 aye that song looks similar....

  • Bixby is still in my Samsung galaxy watch active 2

  • Honestly kinda miss HTC!! I've had their phones ever since my first ever smartphone and when I looked for a new phone for this year after using the U11 for three years, I was disappointed to find that they weren't in a single recommended list. Probably going for a Samsung Galaxy S20FE now...

  • Always hit the bixby button accidentally I hate that 😡😡😡😡

  • HTC is now building Pixel phones for Google.

  • apple were screwed either way with battergate. if they didnt do it people who have through a fit, and they did it and people through a fit

  • I hate my Bixby button. I'm annoyed you drew attention to it.

  • Nova game

  • We’ll it’s still fascinating to see how apple innovated air power into mag safe which just proves how they provided a solution to their own problem.

  • "The company went from crushing it to crushing in it." You were so proud of yourself for that one. lol great video.

  • I find how you talk attractive.

  • Love your videos but hate the zooming in and out every few seconds.

  • I love how mr.whosetheboss,marques and jerryrigeverything all shout-out each other

  • Actually surprised that the exploding Note 7 wasn't part of this video lol

  • When you talkin about HTC when you put the two phones next to each other the one on the left is the bootleg iPhone 6 and the one on the right looks like a Galaxy S7

  • That's just how it goes with cell companies that aren't diversified like apple and Samsung. They come and go I'm learning as a go through life.

  • When his camera is better than your eye vision

  • I like how he doesn't just talk about the sponsor on the start, he just says thank you to the sponsor. And I like that! Thank you!

  • Arun should do audiobooks.

  • 10,000th comment! Also, I’ve seen that people get a lot of likes for saying random things, so- PiNaPpLe PeN

  • Actually, my mother used to own a HTC phone-

  • Third group, ppl who use bixby all the time

  • Symbian days,,, the days of Nokia😃

  • Blackberry was booming until apple and Samsung came in with touchscreens lmao

  • Massive multi million company completely dies Mrwhosetheboss: 5/10 on the fail rating


  • You're cute

  • 3 days later : It’s corona timee

  • Yo I hated the Bixby button 😂 luckily my galaxy s10+ gives the option to reroute the button, I now have it to open my camera

  • 8:35 you mean DOES everything?

  • How does the fire phone get higher than blackberry when blackberry literally went from 50% market share to bankrupt? That should be a 10/10

  • "The company went from crushing it to crushing in it." You were so proud of yourself for that one. lol great video.

  • I had a LG L20, and it worked!

  • Keep in mind that the LG G5 was the last flagship to feature a removable battery. I'm still waiting for the next flagship to include such a highly sustainable (and convenient) feature.

  • I moved to Android a few years ago from iPhones when the Pixel first launched. Up until then I'd been exclusively with Apple since I'd got my first smartphone, but the simplicity of the Pixel, its cameras and the unlimited cloud storage for my pics won me over. In fact I loved it enough that when it was time for a new handset, I opted for a Pixel 2 XL. Cue literally last week, when it was time for me to change phone contracts again. Right as I was looking at the next Pixel, my fiancé told me about the dropping of photo storage. Combined with battery life issues and lack of value for money I'd had with the 2 XL, that was the final straw. Sent from my OnePlus Nord.

  • you just have a bad taste of smartphone

  • I like Bixby ///u.u///

  • BlackBerry was considered “professional” back in the day while Razors were for cool kids. Tell me I’m lying.

  • 1:29 money lmao

  • Too bad Samsung remade that flip phone

  • My mom actually had an LG G5 and one of the worst things about was that you could accidentally push the battery out whenever you were using it because of the button being so easy to touch all the time.

  • I do like that project gem though

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • At least it's not as worse as those fake phones those scams

  • Apple: Slows down my Iphone so i buy a new one. Me: Buys a Samsung. Apple: No, this isn't how you play the game. edit:if i put together all the replies and made it into a book i would have a book series that could rival the lord of the rings

  • #2 : I just got a Google Pixel 4 ad how long it's battery lasts.

  • Why do people say zed instead of z

  • times that we’d move past (Proceeds to crash his camera)

  • Anyone notice that his beat on his shirt says Hugo? The the brand Hugo Boss???

  • this guy is a calm gordon ramsay judging phones not food

  • Hey google, my old HTC also has a radar tech, whenever I play a WhatsApp voice message and I hover my hand over the top part, the message stops playing and the phone gets off. See Google, HTC has that tech before.😂

  • Wireless charging is weird because you need a wired charger to charge a wireless charger. It doesn’t need AA batteries

  • The Flexpai wasn't the first foldable phone "Laughs in iPhone 6"

  • I had lg g4 and it was alive for 4years and now it's saying reboot error when im trying to turn it on D: Now i have this samsung a21s that sucks

  • Arun:life not always good Me:are you sure?

  • Maximum fails were just because of iPhone

  • my lg g4 still work and work really good xD only battery was changed, but wait i can change it in 5 seconds :D

  • (unrelated but still fail) 1 fail wich is Dropping an ipad pro on your face wich is 8 million meters(I'm being sarcastic about the 8million meters part btw )

  • Razr had so much potential.

  • This man is an absolute legend I have been watching him for hours

  • The most painful thing that poor people will get mad about: That apple makes older phones more laggy every updates so people will buy a new phone. Even Samsung does the same

  • I was with you until the energizer.... I like energizer/cat.... Phones that actually do something, If I wanted a good Camera I'd buy a Nikon or a Minolta...

  • I am litterly watching this vid on my HTC Model 10

  • My phone has a Bixby button. I have never used Bixby...sorry Samsung.. idiots

  • Am i the only one who’s actually kinda scared carrying around something as expensive as idk the iphone 12 Or the s20 ultra

    • @Matthew Snowdon Cool.

    • @doctor salt I bought well my parents bought for me for Christmas a motorola g 5g+ My current phone is the first generation iphone SE

    • I have an iPhone X which I got in 2020 for £400. For me, £400 is still a lot of money but I’m not afraid when I carry it around because all I need to do is keep it safe and nothing will happen :)


  • I'm watching on my Motorola :) (Not the Razr for sure)

  • How about Google's modular phone?

  • What if they put a giant coral inside the pad so it charges any where on the pad

  • Lol I'm just watching this video on a HTC U Ultra,the reason I wanted this phone was because of the secondary display. Lmao

  • You can still get a razor

  • Im here to say that I saw Day6 songs at 16mins. Specifically How to Love and You were Beautiful. UwU

  • I’ve still got iPhone X and it’s perfect

  • I have heard of bigsby , and I hate it !!!

  • Nothing is more painful than Galaxy Note 7's explosion

  • G5 was really cool :(

  • "Which at the time was still a pretty sensitive topic" What do you mean at the time? I'm still mad about losing the headphone jack.

  • But unlike other company's htc archived to create a real sapphire display glass panel at the u ultra sapphire edition. A friend of mine bought it the day it came out and he's still using it today and the display don't have a single scratch on it

  • Enjoying your videos

  • Video is great but the sounds of "s" n "t" is distrubing in the audio of this video


  • I was waiting for the nokia fall of smart phones